1.35 – Randy Quaid Pride Flag

1.35 – Randy Quaid Pride Flag
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Hosts: Derek, Isabelle
Premiered: August 10, 2021

Now I’m not one for boasting, sports fans, but this one is a corker. We have an instant-classic opening bit, a huge upset (wink), and an all-time difficult opening round matchup pitting two masterpieces that have a surprising amount in common despite the 75 years that separate them. Also Isabelle makes her co-horst laugh the hardest he ever laughs, and Derek does a dramatic reading of an old film review of his. In short, another classic episode!

This week’s matchups:
Reservoir Dogs v. The Bandit
The Great Dictator v. Mad Max: Fury Road

NOTE: During our discussion on The Great Dictator, Isabelle says that in Nazi Germany “Jewish people were fine with the Nazis” when she meant to say “The Nazis were fine with Jewish people.” As ever, the context of the episode clarifies this. We trust your intelligence, dear listener, but we thought we’d point it out anyways just so we’re crystal clear.

See the bracket [SPOILERS AHEAD]
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