Podcasts by friends hosted somewhere other than this blog

Madder Meter Lads

Kay, Giga, and Jordan talk about their favorite poems with special guest star Nicki Minaj!

Ham Radio

Ham-ha! (That’s ham-chat for “Hello!”) You found our clubhouse! Welcome to Ham Radio, a Hamtaro watch-along podcast brought to you by Gary, Mal and their rotating cast of special guests.

Live Free, Twi Hard

Welcome to Live Free, Twi Hard – a podcast where your overly-supportive friends, Charlie, Jameson, Gary and Michael, walk you through the entirety of the “Twilight’ saga of movies.

Kid Nation Nation

The most morally grey reality show of all time finally has its own podcast. It’s Kid Nation Nation!!! Join Tyler, Gary, Michael, and Will as they watch all 13 episodes of the ill-fated reality disaster, Kid Nation. Will all 40 children make it out of the desert? Does Jonathan have what it takes to fend off a revolt? Watch along, listen along, and find out!!


RadIsh is a show and tell podcast where we bring you "Just The Good Stuff". Each week, Sean Barry, Tyler Menk, and Will Farr bring you something worth sharing to get you through the week.

Video Game Choo Choo

All aboard the Video Game Choo Choo! Next stop, videogame industry commentary with all your favorite conductors!

This Might Be A Podcast

Greg Simpson hosts a They Might Be Giants superfan podcast where each episode he and a guest will discuss one TMBG song.

Immortal Incantations: Heartspell

A deep look into the heart of Amazon self-published YA fiction, focusing on ghostwriting powerhouse Bella Forrest, that becomes an experiment into whether or not 3 people can co-write a book together.