City Girls Make Do

90 – Sam Undertale

Well we're now at season 6 episode 16, Out of the Frying Pan, which means we're getting dangerously close to finishing all the episodes. Miranda's looking at a bigger place in gasp Brooklyn, Charlotte gets a new family member, and everyone is bald (including us).

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89 – Emotionally 5’4″

It's hard to believe that they can make filler episodes this late into the series, but they sure did that with season 6 episode 15: Catch-38. At least, it was to us, because even if they're real conflicts they're extremely contrived. ANYWAY because we wanted to avoid talking about the actual episode, please enjoy listening to us talk about Rugrats instead!

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88 – McBeans on Toast

Welcome to the shitty doodoo episode! This week we're discussing season 6 episode 14, The Ick Factor, and it's actually a pretty good episode of Sex and the City. We have a good mix of toilet humour and seriousness this time, with a bit of romance too (that WE enjoyed even if Carrie didn't). We also have a real fun time deciding the best and worst wedding themes, and also talking about the most important album of all time: The Black Parade (obviously).

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87 – Google is Canon!

We're into Part 2 of season 6 now, with episode 13: Let There Be Light. Everyone's kind of shitty at their worst and boring at their best this week, but we at least get to consider how Sex and the City and Twilight could take place in the same universe.

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86 – Insane Clown Pussy

We're back, and this week we're discussing season 6 episode 12, One. Like the Metallica song except as a tv show (sorry HBO) episode. This time Miranda is positively TWISTED. She's full joker mode, absolutely fucked up. Which ties in well with the literal clown that appears in this episode for Brady's birthday I guess. Samantha is also going clown mode in a pube kind of way. We also meet Carrie's last major boyfriend, the Russian. Meh.

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85 – Pussy Fingers… Pussy Vein

We're on our 10th to last episode of the show now and Carrie and Samantha are realizing that they have Dennis Reynolds voice feelings. Big too, but only for roughly one scene of season 6 episode 11, The Domino Effect. Honestly everyone sucked this week except Charlotte (who was just boring), so instead why don't you listen to us talk about how Keri Russell's forehead vein acting is superior to Emma Watson's eyebrow acting.

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84 – Ketchup From a Skin Bottle

Gamers! We're joined once again by the one and only val flightcub, who's here to teach us non-Americans what homecoming is. And also, to discuss season 6 episode 10 of Sex and the City: Boy Interrupted. It's kind of a David Duchovny one! He's Carrie's high school sweetheart and he COULD be the perfect guy for Carrie if it wasn't for the, you know, Mental Illness. Carrie has a completely normal one this week being ableist and bad about it. But on the other hand, Samantha does a funny accent! Find val on twitter!

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83 – 1pac: All Eye On Me

Once again we are joined by the wonderful Sara as we tackle season 6 episode 9 (nice) A Woman's Right to Shoes (really???). Samantha is posting on r/childfree while Miranda either has chicken pox or smallpox (those are the same right?). Meanwhile, Carrie is slighted by an evil parent and pulls off an elaborate ruse for shoes. Also, we stan Harry. Find Sara on twitter!

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82 – Irony Boning

We’re back at it again and joined by special guest Noah, who’s here to help us break down some Jesse Pinkman/Steve comparisons! And also, to discuss season 6 episode 8 of Sex and the City, The Catch. Charlotte and Harry are getting married (which we love) while Carrie is getting her pussy absolutely pulverized into oblivion (which we hate). We keep ourselves distracted by instead talking about how to get as infected as possible, and how we’ve been fooled by candles.Find Noah on twitter and many other places!

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81 – The Boobie Doobie

We’re back and joined once again by friend of the show Morg! They came on to talk with us about one of the most iconic episodes of Sex and the City to ever air: season 6 episode 7, The Post-It Always Sticks Twice. It’s the aftermath of the Carrie/Berger breakup and the Charlotte/Harry engagement, and it’s all around a really great one. Listen in to hear us discuss the worst possible breakup methods, the Zack and Cody problem, and the absolute anomaly of Carrie being the most valid character by a nautical mile even without the others being problematic.Find Morg…

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