City Girls Make Do

85 – Pussy Fingers… Pussy Vein

We're on our 10th to last episode of the show now and Carrie and Samantha are realizing that they have Dennis Reynolds voice feelings. Big too, but only for roughly one scene of season 6 episode 11, The Domino Effect. Honestly everyone sucked this week except Charlotte (who was just boring), so instead why don't you listen to us talk about how Keri Russell's forehead vein acting is superior to Emma Watson's eyebrow acting.


84 – Ketchup From a Skin Bottle

Gamers! We're joined once again by the one and only val flightcub, who's here to teach us non-Americans what homecoming is. And also, to discuss season 6 episode 10 of Sex and the City: Boy Interrupted. It's kind of a David Duchovny one! He's Carrie's high school sweetheart and he COULD be the perfect guy for Carrie if it wasn't for the, you know, Mental Illness. Carrie has a completely normal one this week being ableist and bad about it. But on the other hand, Samantha does a funny accent! Find val on twitter!

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83 – 1pac: All Eye On Me

Once again we are joined by the wonderful Sara as we tackle season 6 episode 9 (nice) A Woman's Right to Shoes (really???). Samantha is posting on r/childfree while Miranda either has chicken pox or smallpox (those are the same right?). Meanwhile, Carrie is slighted by an evil parent and pulls off an elaborate ruse for shoes. Also, we stan Harry. Find Sara on twitter!

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82 – Irony Boning

We’re back at it again and joined by special guest Noah, who’s here to help us break down some Jesse Pinkman/Steve comparisons! And also, to discuss season 6 episode 8 of Sex and the City, The Catch. Charlotte and Harry are getting married (which we love) while Carrie is getting her pussy absolutely pulverized into oblivion (which we hate). We keep ourselves distracted by instead talking about how to get as infected as possible, and how we’ve been fooled by candles.Find Noah on twitter and many other places!

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81 – The Boobie Doobie

We’re back and joined once again by friend of the show Morg! They came on to talk with us about one of the most iconic episodes of Sex and the City to ever air: season 6 episode 7, The Post-It Always Sticks Twice. It’s the aftermath of the Carrie/Berger breakup and the Charlotte/Harry engagement, and it’s all around a really great one. Listen in to hear us discuss the worst possible breakup methods, the Zack and Cody problem, and the absolute anomaly of Carrie being the most valid character by a nautical mile even without the others being problematic.Find Morg…

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80 – My Own Private Idaho…2!

What a great episode for us, personally, as people who hate Carrie/Berger and love Charlotte/Harry. Berger has pretty much peaked as pissbaby of the earth this week in season 6 episode 6: Hop, Skip, and a Week. Meanwhile, king Harry is back and pretty much kills us with how good he is. The other storylines are kinda boring tbh but it’s fine because we live for the drama of World’s Stupidest Way to Break Up With Someone.

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79 – Dick Against Denim

You know that 30 Rock bit? Okay good. This week we watched season 6 episode 5, Lights, Camera, Relationship! Our usual storylines are still going… Miranda is pining over Steve, Charlotte is missing Harry, Samantha is horny for Smith, and we’re hooting and hollering GET HIS ASS about Carrie and Berger.

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78 – American Horror Story: Men Writing

Oops we got a little riled and rambly on this one! The episode of the week was season 6 episode 4, Pick-a-Little, Talk-a-Little, AKA the episode that inspired He’s Just Not That Into You. It’s one of those weird ones where Carrie is somehow one of the more valid characters, even though her and Berger’s romance is extremely painful to watch. Unrelated to the gals, we also discuss taxidermied horses, Fiona Apple, and what Boardwalk Empire has in common with Alex’s sex dreams.

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77 – Please Mr Rabbi, Just a Crumb of Christmas

Another week, another episode where Charlotte is the most valid character. This time we’re discussing season 6 episode 3, The Perfect Present. In this one, Carrie has some absolutely galaxy brain takes about what’s appropriate for her to do while “casually” dating Berger, Miranda is on her like third??? episode being mad at Steve because she loves him?? And also, Charlotte completes her magical girl transformation to the Jewish faith.

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76 – Have Two Mouths, Baby

Bust out your kosher wine for this one! This week we’re discussing season 6 episode 2, Great Sexpectations. You know, like the Dickens (haha dick) book. It turns out that some people just aren’t eating any vegetables!! At least, the gals in our favourite show aren’t. But it’s fine because we have a good week getting introduced to Smith, the main himbo of the series, plus we get Charlotte working her ass off to convert. Amen!

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