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County Girls Make Do – Hot Girl Shit

NOTE: This is the only episode of County Girls we'll be dropping to the old feed. Please subscribe to County Girls Make Do! RSS Apple Spotify Stitcher Pocket Casts Welcome to the OC bitch!!!!!!!!!! City Girls become County Girls as hosts Alex and Stephanie return in the wake of their Sex and the City podcast to start fresh. Now they're on a new coast with a new show: 2000s hit teen drama The OC. This week's episode covers the season 1 episode 1, Premiere (yeah not exactly the most original title but I guess it's better than "Pilot"). So put…

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99 – Jerking Off to Muppets

Here it is - the last episode of City Girls Make Do. But not to worry, in this episode we announce our very exciting plans for CGMD...2! Coming soon to a Noisespace near you! We also go through some Sex and the City trivia, answer questions from our listeners, and say goodbye once and for all to terrible Carrie and her lovely friends. Thank you to everyone who's listened over the past couple of years, and stay tuned for the next Alex and Stephanie podcasting endeavour!

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98 – Arrested for Horny

Well, we made it. We finished Sex and the City 2, bringing us to the very end of the series. Once again we're joined by boyfriend of the show Matt to yell and agonize about the "plot," which managed to be even worse than in the first half of the movie. But even if this movie destroyed our souls and ruined our lives, we at least got to theorize about evil Aidan and bisexual Steve. Thank you to our listeners for making it to the end with us! We have one more episode coming out before we start our new…

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97 – Concussion of the Cervix

We're back again, and about time too! And this time we're in the mood! The mood to question why Sex and the City 2 was ever fucking made, that is. Also we're FINALLY joined by Noisespace overlord, boyfriend of the show, podcast boy himself... Matt! You've been wondering when he would finally appear, and here he is. Here to help us unpack the racism movie. But honestly we barely even touch on the racism part of the movie because we're only discussing the first half of SATC2, where absolutely nothing of importance happens. Join us next week for part...2!

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96 – Isn’t it Ironic, Don’t You Stink?

One movie down, one to go! This week we finish our first journey into the dubiously canon Sex and the City film franchise, and not much has improved since last week. This time we at least get to reflect on the movie as a whole and why it fails in so many different ways. Despite all that, we will forever stan Charlotte for her ability to scream at Big.

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95 – I’m My Own Tyrion

Welcome to the Sex and the City cinematic universe! It's movie time and uh. Oops! We had to split this in two. This week we're covering the first half of the first Sex and the City movie, which is actually the second time this movie has been discussed on a Noisespace podcast. Anyway someone decided that BOTH SATC movies should be 2.5 christian hours long so you should be proud of us for covering them.

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94 – I Am Going to Create a Relationship That Is So Toxic,

SERIES FINALE BAYBEEEE!!! We made it! Barring the movies, that is. This week we're covering Season 6 Episode 20, An American Girl in Paris (Part Deux). We finally get to learn how it all ends for Carrie and the gals, and we reflect on what's changed since the beginning. And of course, what (who) has stayed exactly the same.

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93 – It’s Ass Eating Season!

We're covering part one of the series finale this week: An American Girl in Paris (Part Une). And guess what, we're actually happy to see Big for the first time in our entire lives! Especially because he gets yelled at and stared at menacingly, but also because he's had some "growth" I GUESS. So buckle in, eat some ass, and get ready to find out how men continue to disappoint Carrie even in Paris!

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92 – Dangerously Close to the Forbidden Dog Word

This week we cover an absolutely iconique episode of Sex and the City, season 6 episode 18: Splat! In the third-to-last episode of the series, Carrie faces the big decision of whether or not she should leave New York and move to Paris with Petrovsky. We also get what is I think??? our first on-screen death??? Sadly it's not Carrie or Big though. Other topics of discussion this week: Quebec, our inexperience with Taco Bell, and snuff (the tobacco product, not the media).

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91 – Jodie Foster’s WAP

This week we're on season 6 episode 17, The Cold War. Yes, they did think that was a clever episode title just because Carrie is dating a Russian and for really no other reason. Yes, we hate it. We also... once again get extremely lost in the weeds about Game of Thrones because we're just tired of where the plot of SATC is at this point and it's fun to be mad.

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