99: Titty Pics & Byte Schticks!


The boys are back this week and trying to get banned from Twitch (check us out @ twitch.tv/radishstuff) by posting saucy nipple pics. Also this week, we learn the deep lore behind Mr. Netflix, we have a podcast within a podcast, and we all try to be Byte Influencers!


Topics include: Gritty, King Gizz’s Live Trilogy, The Circle, Pretty Good, The Radiohead Public Library, Byte, TikTok

98: Identify Theft & Film Nitpicks!


We at RadIsh are giving the people what they want and NOT doing an Oscars recap!!! However, Tyler and Sean did see two of the nominees so you’ll have to sit through that.  Also somebody had a MST3K take so bad that they got the whole internet to turn on them, which is impressive!

Topics: Jaboukie the twitter criminal, Little Women, 1917, Los Espookys, Keep Your Hands of Eizouken, and is MST3K mean-spirited?

97: Pokédiscourse & Dr Phil’s Dugout!


Dr. Phil’s house is melting!  Global warming or the ridiculous design choices of a millionaire?  Tune into this week’s Radish to find out!  Also we decide if The Gamers deserve rights (they don’t!)


TOPICS THIS WEEK: Dr. Phil’s House, Righteous Gemstones, My Year in Mensa, Ken Burns’ Baseball, God of War, Pokemon Discourse

96: Buff Aunt Becky & the War on Star Wars!

The RadIsh Boys are back for the new year and YIKES. We get in a heated debate over the last Star Wars flick, and one of us doesn’t survive.. Also, Aunt Becky gets buff for prison, Mr. Netflix has a bone to pick with Sean, and we make a return to the A24ner! You’re gonna wanna shower after this one, folks!
Topics Include: Lori Laughlin, Steven Universe Future, Resident Evil 2, Uncut Gems, Sack Lunch Bunch, The Two Popes, The Witcher, The Rise of Skywalker

94: Mustache Will & Winter Music!


We’re back from break whether you like it or not! In our most predictable episode yet, Will reviews some manga, Sean cries during an innocuous Netflix special, and Tyler transcends reality and evolves from his physical form. We also review some cool tracks!

Topics include: Apostrophe Society, Shonen Jump, Knives Out, The New One, The Irishman

92: Death Stranding & Tragic Gender Reveals!


Episode 92 is here and we carried it across a disconnected dystopian future just for you!  In all seriousness, thank you for chosing to listen to us instead of watch Disney+.  We hear the Mandalorian is great, but we are contractually obligated by NoiseSpace to say Episode 92 of RadIsh is better.

TOPICS: Frasier 2.0,  Dolemite is my Name, Final Fantasy XIV, Death Stranding, Historical Gender Reveals