112: Pasqually’s & YouTube Rabbit Holes!


On this week’s RadIsh, we sure do talk a lot about Chuck E. Cheese! We’re the only Charles Entertainment Cheese podcast released in late May of 2020!

Oh, and we also talk about some buckwild YouTube content, I guess. Strap in!

TOPICS: Pasqually P. Pieplate, Msscribe: The Harry Potter Fandom’s Greatest Con-Artist, Jelle’s Marble Runs, Mr Boop, The History of the Seattle Mariners, Blender Guru, What Would You Do With $1200?

P.S. – the new Radjacent podcast Kid Nation Nation is now available wherever you get your podcasts! Join Will, Tyler, Michael, and Gary as they uncover the secrets of the most illegal reality show of 2007!

1: It’s Jonathan!! Your New Dad!!!


The most morally grey reality show of all time finally has its own podcast.  It’s Kid Nation Nation!!! Join Tyler, Gary, Michael, and Will as they watch all 13 episodes of the ill-fated reality disaster, Kid Nation.  Will all 40 children make it out of the desert?  Does Jonathan have what it takes to fend off a revolt?  Watch along, listen along, and find out!!

PREMIERE: Kid Nation Nation!!


No this isn’t a mistake (well, maybe it is).  Here is the premiere episode of Kid Nation Nation.  A watchalong podcast for the most ill-fated reality show of all time, Kid Nation.  Hosted by Will, Tyler and friends of the show Gary and Michael, listen along as we delve into a show that lawyers call “never happening again”. Follow our RSS feed in your podcatcher – Apple and Spotify to come! Enjoy!


111: Based Comedy God & Cryptids!


We’re back with our most absolutely buckwild episode yet! TJ the DJ has taken the reigns, and his soundboard will blow the bass straight out of your speakers. And its Cryptid week! All the cohosts dug deep into some lesser known cryptids to tingle your spine. And at the end, join us for The Great Movie Theme Game and see if you can guess the movie theme before any of our movie-saavy hosts!



110: Disney Lakes & What’s Your Star War?


Did you know admission to Disney is free right now?  Just sneak in!! Sean amps up his cocktail game.  Meys cleans a keyboard.  Tyler dons his nightvision goggles.  Will gets mad at games and how hard they be.  Also the lads find out which Star Wars they are.


TOPICS: Disney Discovery Island, retro tech cleaning, cocktail measurements, Night on Earth, Sekiro, and Star Wars Personality Quiz!

109: Terms & Conditions!


Sean gets kicked off twitter for not following the dang rules.  Will debates returning his stolen relics.  Meys has the most wholesome moment in the show’s storied history.  Tyler can’t read.

Also Playstation Gameshark fights oppression.


TOPICS: Quarantine Measures, Midnight Gospel, Bad Education, Spring Playlists, Little Good Things, Illiteracy Tests!

107: Sepulveroth & Host Fight!


Hey everyone, two hosts get in a fight in this one that’s probably going to end the podcast pretty soon.. :/

But also, Sean gets tested on his knowledge of Final Fantasy and the Greater Los Angeles locale, we talk about a french man tumbling 2,500 feet from a jet, and it’s the return of “Lit or Not Lit”!

TOPICS: Final Fantasy, The Gardens Between, Black Mesa, Tales from the Loop, Guns Akimbo, Animal Crossing Egg Day, Quibi

106: Pigloos & Unanimous Garfield!


We asked Atlus if they were okay with using their song and they just shrugged…
Also pigs are unionizing in Canada!   Join the Radish Lads as we discuss wrestling, streaming, muppets, and determine who the strongest character in the Funny Pages is.

TOPICS: Pigloos, Quibi, The Muppets, Wrestlemania 34, Street Fighter, Strongest Under the Sunday Funnies