046 – This is My Will, Mother


This week on City Girls we’re definitely NOT vampires and we’re perfectly normal and have never been morbid in our lives. We also watched season 3 episode 16, Frenemies. Miranda learns that she should listen to her friends’ advice, Charlotte learns to find her inner Samantha, and Carrie learns nothing (despite thinking she has learned ??? something ???). Sharing your one single brain cell with your friends is communist praxis!

045 – That’s A Himbo!


We’re back baybeeee!!!!! And boy do we have a fun episode to talk about this week: season 3 episode 15, Hot Child in the City. Yeah the title is really bad. BUT it’s a good one, and it’s one of the rare cases where Carrie is actually the shining star. Well, aside from Kyle MacLachlan’s ass, which we love to see. We also learn about the girls’ government assigned pokéfusions, the struggles of adult braces, and what really makes a good himbo.

044 – Good Will Mowing


CW for eating disorder talk from 53:05 to 58:15.

ELEMENTARY SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just a warning that you might get spoiled for CBS’ hit tv show Elementary if you listen, so beware. This week on City Girls we’re joined by the wonderful Val flightcub! They’re here to discuss horny Charlotte, Playboy, our favourite kind of soup, and the movies where Keanu Reeves fucks the most. Our episode is season 3 episode 14, Sex and Another City, and we’re still in LA. Listen in because unlike a fake designer bag, we’re even funnier on the inside!

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043 – Dicks on the Table


Note: Sorry about Stephanie’s audio quality this week, she’s an idiot and broke her mic cable 2 minutes before recording. Thanks for understanding!

Richard Dawkins shirt we are all gay! Happy pride month! This week we’re joined by wonderful guest Su, and we get to talk about how incredibly gay this episode of SATC is (to us, geniuses). Our episode of the week was season 3 episode 13, Escape From New York, which took (most of) our gals to the wacky city of LA. Carrie’s driving stick, Sam’s dildo is thick, and Charlotte’s not getting dick. Meanwhile, Miranda is an angel whomst we adore. It’s a classic episode and we love to see it!

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042 – Penis Right


This week we’re joined again by the wonderful Summer! We needed our resident expert on flight attendants and weddings, because Miranda is doing her best FA cosplay and Charlotte is getting married. We’re also tackling Carrie’s braingenious question of “IS LYING GOOD ACTUALLY” because that’s where she’s at in her mind prison, I GUESS. Oh yeah and we’re on episode 12 of season 3, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Put on your best Homestuck tshirt and enjoy!

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041 – Five Dollar Big Long


She was a lawyer, and he was a sandwich, can I make it any more obvious??? We really have the best and worst love stories of all time this week. On the one hand, Miranda has the hots for a sandwich and it absolutely rules. But on the two hand… Carrie’s on her Big bullshit worse than ever, we hate it, it’s bad. Meanwhile, we finally meet our other funnie gay of the series (Anthony!) and try to figure out the logistics of sex swings. So sit back, relax, get tested for HIV, and enjoy our discussion of season 3 episode 11: Running With Scissors!


040 – Kyle “Wide-on” MacLachlan


Episode 40!!! This week we’re dealing with season 3 episode 10, All or Nothing. Carrie is struggling with trying not to be the most selfish fool alive and failing miserably. Sam is an enabler who’s gentrifying the meatpacking district (Charlotte loves it), so maybe she deserves the flu she’s suffering from. Meanwhile, Charlotte puts Women On Top by leveling up at breakneck speed and learning to play the game of thrones. In other news, we imagine how the SATC girls would fare in a London AU and in the battle of Winterfell (Pete = Ghost confirmed).

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039 – Tastes Awful, But it Works!


We knew you were thinking it – CGMD just doesn’t talk about cum enough. We heard your thoughts and we’re here to fix the problem. For the occasion, we’ve brought in our good friend and regular guest Sara! The episode of the week is season 3 episode 9, Easy Come, Easy Go, where Charlotte masters her psychic powers, Samantha gets a mouthful of garbage juice, and we go down to flavour town with some nuanced discussions about everyone’s favourite bodily fluid. Meanwhile, Carrie’s plot is so bad that you’re gonna wish we were talking about cum instead. I wish I was joking, Carrie is awful.

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038 – Carrie Get Diva Cup


We’re on a boat aaaand it’s going fast aaaaand we got a few men we wanna throw in the trash caaaaaaan… specifically Steve and Big. But good news, we’re joined by friend of the show Lola this week! The three of us sat down to talk about season 3 episode 8, The Big Time, and also about how none of us really know what it means to make partner. Other topics: Steve wants a baby even though he is one, Sam’s afraid of the big bad menopause, and Carrie is the only one in this god damn titular city who has her own tampons. Plus, Trey buys Charlotte a damn ugly watch. And ice cold! ❄

037 – The Tip of the Shitty, Shitty Iceberg


You’re gonna want to sit down for this new episode, but make sure you finish wiping your ass first (straight men you’re on thin fucking ice). This week we’re discussing season 3 episode 7, Drama Queens, and we have a special guest! Friend of the show Matt (not to be confused with boyfriend of the show and Noisespace overlord Matt) is joining us to talk about Viagra, shitstains, and a very funny gif from Showgirls. You’re gonna love it! Unless you really like the art style of JoJo, in which case you might not like some of what we have to say.

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