054 – Peeing Five Urinals Apart Because You’re Not Gay


We’re joined again by podcasting genius val flightcub! They’re here to help us deconstruct the challenging topics of baby talk and eating ass. The episode of the week is season 4 episode 6, Baby Talk is Cheap, and thank god because there’s so much to talk about. Carrie is gen X big brain Logged Off in her quest to get Aidan back, Charlotte is getting rawed, and we condemn daddy doms to the deepest pits of hell. This episode written by Banky!

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053 – The Sex Files


Aaaaa!! There’s a ghost in our podcast! This week we’re tackling season 4 episode 5, Ghost Town. Steve’s back and mostly tolerable, Aidan is also back, and we’re upset that Sex and the City didn’t  to go full on paranormal. It’s FINE I guess. In other news, Samantha is going off her pussy diet, and Stephanie and Alex pretend to know what the X-Files is about.

052 – Pussy Spelunking


Brace yourselves… we’re joined again by special guest Sara and we get a LITTLE rowdy. We take another trip to Casa de Lesbo this week in season 4 episode 4, What’s Sex Got to Do With It?, where we learn all about secret body holes. We also get to mull over The Mask, who’s warged into Trey’s wang, and the subtle differences between seppuku and bukkake.

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051 – Miranda’s Boyfriend is Pokémon GOing to Die


After a week off we’re back to talk about season 4 episode 3, Defining Moments. The men of the show are entirely on their bullshit, especially Big (who’s never been so insufferable). And Miranda’s war criminal boyfriend is literally shitting! So that’s great. At least Samantha is here to bring us the sapphic energy we want, need, and deserve.

075 – My Friend, Racist


It’s a doozy this week folks! Caroline and Alex dive deep into a discussion of the completely normal circumstances of Epstein’s death, as well as some details about his life. So, content warning for discussion of child sexual assault and trafficking throughout. There are lighter topics though! Topics like the president yelling at the tv! Topics like the British government’s anti-knife crime advertisements! You’ll never guess where they put them unracistly. Tune in to find out, and don’t forget to leave an acorn on your windowsill for your neighbour Racist [editor’s note: i forgot the plot of my neighbour totoro so that last one’s just a guess]

Featuring: Alex and Caroline
Edited by alex

Music used:
Evil Men – The Taxpayers
Give Us A Mystery – Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

050 – Paul (Worse Than Frank)


Oppa Carrie style! Welcome to episode 50! Ya girls are back for season 4 episode 2, The Real Me, aka the Zoolander episode. There are a million cameos and we’re absolutely delighted that one of them is bicon Alan Cumming. Meanwhile, Charlotte is writing in her vajournal, Samantha’s going full frontal, and we’re diagnosing Paul with stinky vibe disorder. PLEASE do not send us hate mail for spoiling Westworld season 1!

049 – Charlotte York Cringe Compilation


Season four baybeeeeee! In our first episode of this new season, The Agony and the ‘Ex’-tacy, our gals are either vulnerable or horny (Sam). Carrie deals with her mortality when she turns 35, Charlotte spills her guts to a stranger, and Trey spills his load on Charlotte. Meanwhile, producer Matt fills us in on which cryptid fucks.

048 – Time to Le


CW: a storyline in this week’s episode features a lot of transphobia, which we discuss multiple times throughout the recording

Things you’re not gonna learn from this episode of CGMD because you already know them to be true: Mega Lopunny is the sluttiest pokemon and transphobia sure wasn’t any less bad in the year 2000. Things you WILL learn from this episode of CGMD: the technical definition of a pond, Alex’s feelings on chicken welfare, and the possible meaning of “brown sauce.” Anyway, season 3 episode 18, Cock a Doodle Doo!, was absolute dog shit, so thankfully we’re joined by amazing friend of the show alex leafcrunch to make everything better. Time to le!

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047 – Kyle MacCucklan


Welcome to the Natasha show where we love Natasha and hate all the other characters! This week the girls are haunted by rElAtIoNsHiP kArMa and they all deserve it, especially Carrie. Our episode is season 3 episode 17, What Goes Around Comes Around. And fuck dude, it sure does! Trey gets cucked, Carrie finds catharsis in making Natasha feel like shit, and we discuss which Mario Kart characters the girls would main.

046 – This is My Will, Mother


This week on City Girls we’re definitely NOT vampires and we’re perfectly normal and have never been morbid in our lives. We also watched season 3 episode 16, Frenemies. Miranda learns that she should listen to her friends’ advice, Charlotte learns to find her inner Samantha, and Carrie learns nothing (despite thinking she has learned ??? something ???). Sharing your one single brain cell with your friends is communist praxis!