20 – Ass-Based Offense


Hold onto your Flubber legs, folks, because today we’re joined by the Venerated Duo themselves, Brooks and Eddy of [INSERT PGOT FAMILY PRODUCT HERE]! It’s time to talk about season 2, episode 4, “Shishu,” which all of us thoroughly comprehend. There’s boys coming out of walls, a cameo by Perfect Cell, and, uh, Dangdang, apparently? It’ll get your right in the McFeelys, for sure.

Intro: Carly Rae Jepsen – I Really Like You, arr. & perf. by Olivia Lin
Outro: TAPPY & Harry Gregson-Wilson – Metal Gear Solid 2 Theme; arr. & perf. by Chikugensai

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Five Grams of Iron

Two idiots talk (mostly) about Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, based off of the manga, based off of the Hiromu Arakawa. Eddy has watched the show before, Brooks doesn’t even know what anime is. Borrowing the Yare Yare Boys feed while JoJo’s is off the air.

056 – Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Man (2018 Film)


Do you ever rise from your grave because you thought of another great nickname for your politics podcast? No? Just us? Special guest Eddy comes out of retirement for this very special episode of Henry Kissinger Is Pokémon GOing To Die!

Featuring Caroline, Eddy, and Patrick
Edited by alex leafcrunch

Music Used:
The Taxpayers – Evil Men
Elvis Presley – Hound Dog

Fantastic Satisfaction: Finale


Hey, it’s Dungeons and Dragons! Your favorite group of idiots have reunited one final time to take down the ancient evil. We may not have remembered a single rule of 5e but that’s not gonna stop us from taking down a big monster. Rudo is double-champion. Kimulo does a back bend. Ralmevik has taken up a life of asceticism.

The players are:

Eddy – Dungeon Master

Producer Kim – Kimulo Nimbus, Aasimar Ranger

Brooks – Rudo Cherrywine, Human Monk

Ryno – Ralmevik Chergoba, Human Sorcerer

Postgame of Thrones

Two idiots talk (mostly) about the Game of Thrones TV series, based off of the A Song of Ice and Fire series, based off of a George RR Martin. You’ll definitely know when something wasn’t in the books.


Eddy and Brooks challenge each other to one of mankind’s most difficult tasks – listening to new music. Each week we’ll suggest an album for the other to listen to, then come back and talk about it, with suggestions from our Patreon subscribers!

021 – Waka Flocka McConnell


Welcome back to The Week in Stupid! Linus, Eddy, Caroline, and Lauren are here to give you the brain worms you’ve been wishing for by discussing our very capable President Deals, Rihanna our newest Pope That Fucks, and how much we can’t stand Elon Musk (surprise!). Also, we do our best Tim the Tool Man impressions and try to figure out straight culture.

Music used:

The Taxpayers – “Evil Men”
OG Maco – “12 Bricks”

Featuring Linus, Eddy, Lauren and Caroline

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011 – Leftists Love Cool James


Great news: this week was relatively less of a total nightmare than recent weeks! That means we get to have a lighthearted episode again, thank god. This week, Brooks drinks intersectional racism juice, Bill Gates drinks doodoo water, and we invent a new slogan for Fiverr. There’s also a discussion of Donald Trump’s thiccness that killed Luna. Whoops! Guess that Patreon goal came true sooner than we expected! (cough cough money please cough)

Featuring Luna, Brooks, Eddy, Josh, and Lauren.

Music used:

The Taxpayers – Evil Men
Brad Paisley – Accidental Racist (feat. LL Cool J)

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005 – The Nintendo Labio


(CW: discussion of sexual assault)

Well, shoot, folks! Looks like politics is at it again! Kentucky is trying to kill everyone from Kentucky, Trump said the thing about “shithole countries”, TERFs are being TERFs, and the White House officially declared that Trump has the physique of a professional athlete. But it’s not all bad, because Chelsea Manning Is Pokemon Going to Run For Senator. Hopefully we talk about loot boxes enough in this one! Finally, Sam earns his first comedy point.

Featuring Luna, Sam, Josh, Eddy, and Lauren.

Music used:

The Taxpayers – Evil Men
The Pest – Voodoo Mambo