Episode 7 – RAINBOW FACTORY: Blue Check Cutie Mark

In the first of what will likely be many servings of MY LITTLE PONY CREEPYPASTA, Nonna Roy and Antigone violate OSHA in order to read RAINBOW FACTORY! Shine on, you crazy bitches! Featuring: even more cool fun wikis; neighpotism; a cameo by Maynard James Keenan; leaving it to the straights; plus, which type of pony is Pete Buttigieg (mayor)? Noise Space | Discord | Twitter | Roy | Antigone


Episode 6 – DEAD BART: Behold, A Glowing Green Horse

Nonna Roy and Cameron may have endured significant misbehavior on the part of Craig Discordbot, but that's only because he must have been inspired by the (alive) boy of rude himself in this episode about DEAD BART (he's rude) and SIMPSONS CREEPYPASTA! Featuring: the true meaning of Tuesday; Simpsons sakuga; the risks inherent in a Bart-based economy; a thing of Mr. Sparkle; plus, is the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun a Ted Nugent with a gun? Noise Space | Discord | Twitter | Roy | Cameron

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Episode 5 – DISNEY CREEPYPASTA: Does A Baloo Shit In The Woods?

With such a huge topic (monopoly) on the menu, more hands were needed in the kitchen this time. Nonna Roy, Scout, and Gnoll bravely read ABANDONED BY DISNEY, a Disney-themed R/NOSLEEP TALE, and, as an impromptu dessert, SUICIDEMOUSE.AVI! Featuring: MicKeyUltra; Clout™ storage; Eisner's little idea; more fun wiki discoveries and terrible Virginia facts; plus, we gotta ask: would Walt be in favor of this? Noisespace | Discord | Twitter | Roy | Gnoll | Scout

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It’s about time we got to a classic, so Nonna Roy and Mr. Podcasts János team up to read THE RUSSIAN SLEEP EXPERIMENT! Featuring: Joker surgery; the cancellation of Roy’s dad; reverse creepypasta; Schrödinger’s the; plus, what happens when 5 POWs stop being nice and start getting real? Join the Discord to enjoy a special stream of The Soviet Sleep Experiment (2019) on Sunday, November 29, at 5:00 PM Eastern! Link is below! Noisespace | Discord | Twitter | Roy | János

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Episode Notes This weekend, Nonna Roy and podcast boy Max dose you up with some Vitamin M, because it’s time to talk about MINIONS creepypasta! Featuring: The Podcaster’s Burden; prehistory’s first evil deed; Joe Biden’s EPA Secretary and his Frackmobile; niche Virginian perils; plus, how many images can two people describe in one podcast episode? Noisespace | Twitter | Roy | Max

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Episode 2 – MINECRAFT CREEPYPASTA: Hatsune Herobrine

On this very special All Hallows’ Steve, Su joins Nonna Roy to dig through the vast and terrifying world of MINECRAFT creepypasta! Featuring: Being gay (happy); cool badass skulls; a nice evening with Shrek; Mothman’s yeeks; plus, what happens when the creepypasta podcast BECOMES the creepypasta? Noisespace | Twitter | Roy | Su

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Episode 1 – JEFF THE KILLER: Sorry, I Love You…

Welcome to la trattoria, folks! On the inaugural episode of NIGHTMARINARA, Nonna Roy is joined by Sam to read and discuss the adventures and origins of the one and only JEFF THE KILLER. FEATURING: Michigan, the land of ice cream; basic chemistry facts; McCree LARP; completely boyfriend; and did Roy solve an internet mystery, or just learn more about the lengths to which a man in his 30s will go to preserve a property he created in his teens? Noisespace | Twitter | Roy | Sam

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