070 – Shoes Are Trains For Your Feet


America was too busy popping off fireworks if you know what I mean (popping off fireworks) so it’s kind of a Canadian one! We talk a lot about environmental justice and how it affects every aspect of our lives. Don’t worry, we also talk about the communist Betsy Ross shoes and the political alignment of sandals.

Featuring Matt and alex (whomst’d’ve’n’t also edited)

Music used:
Evil Men – The Taxpayers
Plant A Tree Children Song For Baby | Earth Day | Arbor Day | Nursery Rhyme Song – Patty Shukla

004 – Apollo 18 (1992)


Giants Confirmed is blasting off again! It’s the end of an era as Trevor and Matt return to seal the cap on They Might Be Giants’ initial run as a duo by discussing their early period’s grand finale, Apollo 18. Join them in taking what might be one giant leap for mankind as they rocket through the record’s 38 tracks — and don’t forget to bring your space suit! Because that’s what this album is about, space!

067 – Wife Medals


From Virginia to Ontario, everything’s fucked up! Roy and Matt tackle this year’s Pride shenanigans, the inherent evil of YouTube, old internet and call out Justin McElroy for being a bit-stealing bastard. Wooloo!

Links: Roy’s Lightbringer mention of HJKL, LoveForVB Fundraiser, Matt’s Lightbringer mention of The Shrieking Shack.

Music Used:

The Taxpayers – Evil Men

hjkl – ninefour

065 – The Drawing And Quartering Of Mickey Mouse


Milkshakes, DUCK! This week the squad convenes to bid farewell to the Krassensteins, bemoan the ultimate failures of pinning leftist hopes on elections, pope ventriloquism and why eating onions is radical praxis.

At one point Matt forgets which criminal courts are stationed in The Hague, and does not correct himself on air, yes he googled it afterwards don’t @ him.

Featuring Eden, Patrick and Matt. Matt edited.

Music Used
The Taxpayers – Evil Men
Kelis – Milkshake

006 – BEHOLD! Brad Garrett!


Welcome to our Senor Cardgage Fancast! On today’s episode, we’re joined by Matt of HKIP and Tuning Fork! We talk about old, uncool Strong Bad, and hurt our throats doing a very good impression of him. Plus, hear Sam say a bad phrase Eden wrote! No Probalo!

Art By: https://twitter.com/stellarghost

Theme Song: https://soundcloud.com/commonsense-full-ep/always-besing-dosing

004 – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West (10.0)


David’s long-time friend James joins the podcast as the resident Kanye Fan, and there ends up being a lot of discussion about Bon Iver smoking weed with Rick Ross. Did Kanye really make a perfect album? Did Chris Rock really get the watch he wanted? With the bezel? Was that Drake we just heard for 3 seconds? There’s a lot of questions to be answered here.

060 – Fuck You, Goku is Real


Sara and Matt hop back in the saddle to talk internet infrastructure, fake woke Canadian politicians and newer Antifa Supersoldier Jimothy Carrey’s fight with Italian fascists. Alex wakes up bright and early to record an interview with the amazing N of LegitTayUpdates (voice modulated by request), recently released after serving a term in prison for refusing to join the IDF. WE STAN A STAN!

Please send donations to N’s charity of choice, the THE PALESTINE CHILDREN’S RELIEF FUND.

Also lend your spirit power to Goku here.

Featuring: Sara and Matt, with Alex in a separately-recorded interview section.

Edited by Matt

Music used:
Evil Men – The Taxpayers
Death Grips – Culture Shock
Emo G – RIP Harambe
Lil Nas X – Old Town Road (Remix) feat. Billy Ray Cyrus