Episode 19 – Some Good Sinnoh-gy

Episode 19 – Some Good Sinnoh-gy
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Hosts: Kiko, Matt
Premiered: March 7, 2021

There was new Pokémon announcements so Elite Full Restore is BACK to discuss with special guest Kiko (@royalpizzaboy). Talking primarily about the new Diamond and Pearl remakes and Pokémon Legends Arceus, Game Freak’s design philosophy and how it’s funny that Post Malone said “sex” in an officially-sanctioned Pokémon concert.

Our art was made by Golurk and our opening theme music is, as always, the unimpeachable Pokémon Gold/Silver Surf music by Junichi Masuda and Go Ichinose. The closing theme this episode is Acacia by BUMP OF CHICKEN, whose delightful Pokémon-themed music video can be found here.

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