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Episode 19 – Some Good Sinnoh-gy

There was new Pokémon announcements so Elite Full Restore is BACK to discuss with special guest Kiko (@royalpizzaboy). Talking primarily about the new Diamond and Pearl remakes and Pokémon Legends Arceus, Game Freak's design philosophy and how it's funny that Post Malone said "sex" in an officially-sanctioned Pokémon concert. Our art was made by Golurk and our opening theme music is, as always, the unimpeachable Pokémon Gold/Silver Surf music by Junichi Masuda and Go Ichinose. The closing theme this episode is Acacia by BUMP OF CHICKEN, whose delightful Pokémon-themed music video can be found here. Please visit us on the…

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Episode 18 – The Cave of Dragonflies

Elite Full Restore is back with an interview-style episode! This week we have on Dragonfree from The Cave of Dragonflies, one of the oldest and longest-standing Pokémon fan-sites around on the web. We talk about Fakemon, our shared internet past at Pokémon Treasures, her favourite Pokémon picker which everyone in the world uses and of course her 17-year-spanning fanfic The Quest For the Legends, which I’ve been reading since at least 2004. This and so much more! If you have ideas for people we can have on the show or topics you think could sustain an hour discussion, please reach…

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Episode 17 – Gorilla Tactics is a War Crime

Elite Full Restore welcomes Reigning Pokémon International VGC Champion and Current (And Only) WBE League Champion and 2016 World’s Pokémon VGC Masters Champion Wolfe Glick and @falseswipeg writer, published e-sports writer, perennial guest and friend of the show Zane for a long discussion about the Pokémon competitive scene, the meaning of narrative for both players and viewers in an e-sports community and which Pokémon could be considered war crimes under the Geneva Convention.   Follow Zane and his work at: @epengu on Twitter, False Swipe Gaming on YouTube and his podcast Analog. Follow Wolfe and his work at: @WolfeyGlick on…

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Episode 16 – King Miror B

Welcome to the era of Sword and Shield folks! Elite Full Restore is back with a panel of friends (Steven, Silva and Morg) to talk about the upcoming Sword and Shield DLC, the competitive scene and running a Draft League for battling. We also simultaneously come up with the most galaxy-brained fan-theory of all time on the spot which you might be able to guess from the title. Featuring: Matt, Steven, Silva and Morg. This episode was very lightly edited due to some audio difficulties. If there’s anything particularly egregious, let us know on Twitter! Our show art was made…

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Episode 15 – Pokémon Sword and Shield Roundtable Discussion

Hey folks! The dawn of the final hours are before us and Matt sat down with friends of the show Stephanie, Max and WeedLordVegeta to talk about all things positive and negative about Sword and Shield before the game launches proper in North America. This episode contains spoilers for unrevelealed portions of the Galar Dex and information about the game, such as Gym Leaders, which may be considered spoilers to some so tread at your own risk. This episode was also fully recorded by a web-hosted recording bot for simplicity, and thus will have occasional blips in the audio. A…

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Episode 14 – Breadcrumbs for Feral Pigeons

This week on Elite Full Restore we are joined by Twitch, creative director of The Banned Pokémon Game Nintendo Doesn’t Want You To See (Pokémon Uranium) and my co-runner on the Fakemon blog. We talk about our hopes and expectations for Sword and Shield, what we like to see in a Pokémon (and Fakemon) design, fake types and a whole lot more! Links: The fake TCG leaks Pokémon Factory Discord Pokémon Orange Pokémon Uranium Discord Pokengine Pokémon XG Notes: The intro song being like, 2 minutes long was accidental. I decided not to fix it later because it slaps. At…

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Episode 13 – Let Archie Be Hot!

Whoa, folks! Noise Space’s original raison d’être is back for the run up to the new games coming out soon for the Switch. To help him out, Matt reached out to friend of the show John Michonski for his feelings about the last few years of Pokémon dealings, including Let’s Go, the Sun/Moon anime, and the honestly kind of surprising transformation of Pokémon Go into, like, a real game. Also our controversial #DEXIT opinions. This episode does liberally discuss leaks, so if you’re looking to remain unspoiled skip be vigilant around the 25 minute mark, because we talk about it…

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Episode 12 – Rock is Just Small Ground

Elite Full Restore is back with an experimental new episode! Recorded live as a stream on Twitch, and with minimal post-recording editing, it’s part of we’re looking into to make putting out episodes a little easier on us. With good friend and enemy of the show Brooks Oglesby on to give us all his hot takes, we briefly discuss Ultra Sun/Moon but mostly just say disgusting things. Unfortunately, since posting this episode the VOD of the video version of this episode has gone offline. Please visit us on the web: Twitter & Tumblr A Noise Space Podcast

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Episode 11 – The Victreebel Flail

Elite Full Restore yet again took too long to make an episode, even with a fill-in host! We welcome back Zane as Aury enjoys their post-marital bliss, and nerd out more than usual. Literally what is Pokémon Duel M2DESCENT is a real dumb code, but it’ll get you some Mewtwo stones Mega Pidgeot’s Yu-Gi-Oh hair Whining about online infrastructure: part one million Matt mispronounces at least 3 Pokémon names and Zane doesn’t call him out on it What If Chatot Was Good? Sinnoh confirmed Pokémon is eSports now Where is my fly Pokémon, Game Freak? Literally every ROMhack is bad…

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Episode 10 – Underflows and Moonsaults

Hey! It’s Elite Full Restore! Yes we still exist, and with our 10th episode we’re officially a real podcast. This is mostly a clearing-house of old questions and a rundown of the last month, to prepare for the little content gulf we can expect in the near future. What, will we actually have to make jokes? Competitive is fun to watch if you recognize the players, who knew?? Mega Pidgeot as Billie Joe Armstrong We conclusively prove that the GTS is, still to this day, complete bullhonkey Pokémon Red and Blue are held together with duct tape Starmie’s Alola Vacation…

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