EPISODE 147: Paranormal Activity


WE’RE BACK, BABY!!!!! With a heavy hitter that humble editor-and-episode-description-writer Blair was truly shocked to hear that we hadn’t already covered, so snuggle up with what is probably a premature fall-flavored beverage and a nice warm blanket as we bring Blue (@Azure_Husky) along with us to talk found footage giant Paranormal Activity!

Topics include: Lighthearted car accident stories, Blair Witch Project kayfabe, Motherfucking Bitcoin Day-trader Goddamn Platonic Ideal Of A Bad Boyfriend Micah, Assigned Haunted at Birth, and Ghost Dimension word salads!

Death Note

Ghosts, short Twitter story written by Blue
The Demons of Heterosexuality: Gender, Horror, and Paranormal Activity by Whitney Cox

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Episode Fifty-Nine: I Don’t Give A Shit; Extradite Me


Andalites? Disguised as human? On my Earth? It’s more likely than you think. This week, we meet some other refugees from the Andalite army, and learn a very important if kinda hamfisted lesson about ableism from Animorphs book 40: The Other!

CW: Ableism (We rarely attach content warnings to this show, but the wildly dehumanising way this book tackles ableism warrants one)

In addition to this very special after-school episode, we discuss: The Deep Wonder Yeerks Lore, We All Have Shipping Disease, Summer Wars AU, Marco Would Do OK Online, Dirtbag Leftist Marco, Love Magic, and Matt Gamecube Will Never Die

Referenced media: Josie & The Pussycats Is The Greatest Film Ever Made

007 – Silent Alarm by Bloc Party (8.9)


David and Matt welcome Sara of Fearbaiting, The Wonder Yeerks, and HKIPGTD to talk about Bloc Party’s 2005 album Silent Alarm. We learn about such things as life under capitalism, war for gasoline, and extremely specific mousepads. Don’t tell Oasis about this episode.

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052 – Pussy Spelunking


Brace yourselves… we’re joined again by special guest Sara and we get a LITTLE rowdy. We take another trip to Casa de Lesbo this week in season 4 episode 4, What’s Sex Got to Do With It?, where we learn all about secret body holes. We also get to mull over The Mask, who’s warged into Trey’s wang, and the subtle differences between seppuku and bukkake.

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Episode Fifty-Eight: President Trash Boy


It’s time for a Cassie book, which means it’s time to settle down, open ourselves up to our more pacifist tendencies, and marvel at the Cronenberg-esque abomination that is an ant poorly attempting to morph into a human being. And also there’s a cape buffalo. He turns into a human too. It’s Animorphs book 39, The Hidden, and I’m sure Cassie’s fine!

In addition to the general malaise that is these authors are trying to destroy this sweet little girl, we discuss: The Highs, The Lows, The Side-To-Sides, The Trash, The Boy, The Shorp Porps, and There Are So Many Ants

EPISODE 146: Halloween II


Strap in, y’all! Michael Myers is back, and so is your host Sara joined by Ceridwen (@girlin4colors) with a real whopper of an episode. Take a deep dive with us into Halloween lore, Laurie Strode’s lesbianic subtext, and a truly beautiful two-part-harmony rendition of Mr. Sandman.

The Shrieking Shack

Theme music thanks to Satah, you can find more of their work under people you meet outside of bars
Editing done by Blair, you can find him retching up a furball for approximately five minutes on your hallway floor and immediately trying to eat it afterwards. Hurry up with that paper towel!

073 – Robert Mueller’s Rat Meat Exoskeleton


Democracy dies in darkness, folks, if you’re not using your money to fund Washington Post comparing Robert Mueller to Pickle Rick. Eden and Sara do their best to give them some freebies, as well as some follow-up gamer moments and the return of everyone’s favourite federal judiciary power: Execution!

Featuring Sara and Eden. Edited by Matt.

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EPISODE 145: Tomie: Beginning


Can you resist the horrific thrall of this… less-than-perfect Junji Ito adaptation??? Neither could your hosts! This week, Sara brings on Su @sumakesart to talk Tomie: Beginning to delve into such topics as: Lion King Sidebar, Capitalism Malaise, “The Ear Thing”, Tomie… 2!!!,  The Ol’ Doublebeard, Tomie Appleseed, and MORE!

A Place Further Than the Universe
by Kyoko Okazaki

Intro and outro music by Satah, you can find more of their work at gaygothvibes.online

071 – Posting is Forbidden in the House of Representatives


Sorry this one’s so late! Got a bit tied up in editing so we’re a bit behind the times – nonetheless, we’re here to podcast! But more importantly, we’re here to give you an honest, no-bullshit take on something that’s been on top of everyone’s minds: what is up with everyone’s 2020 campaign logo? We also get to the hard-hitting questions like “What games are Nancy Pelosi playing?” On top of that, Sara gives an impassioned plea, and Roy gives us an update on the Virginia governor. Lastly, wife of the show and burden of America Fallon joins us to talk a bit about Vic Mignogna’s deposition, as well inviting YOU to join the Resembool Rangers!

Click here if you want to play along with our Dem campaign logo game!

Featuring Sara (who also edited!) and Roy!

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Evil Men – The Taxpayers
Orange Justice – Fortnite