Derek and Juan v. the Top Pop Singles of 1982

Derek and Juan v. the Top Pop Singles of 1982
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Hosts: Derek, Juan
Premiered: April 18, 2017

Hey there, Derek here. Well, life got in the way of Juan and I recording our Above the Law episode, but we did want to send something in the feed. So here’s a weird, completely non-canon episode from the vault! And it’s about… music?!

Back in March 2015, I got a wild hair up my ass and made a single-elimination bracket of the top 32 pop singles of 1982 according to RPM Magazine (RIP) and I asked Juan if he wanted to crown a champ, March Madness-style. He agreed, and we recorded… whatever this is. It was super fun to do, and even though the sound quality is a little rough and tumble, we hope you’ll like it too. And as ever, these are just our opinions, don’t @ us. Or do, whatever, I’m just a voice in your head.

We’ll be back to our regularly-scheduled movie-related hijinks next week. In the meantime, spread the word, leave us a review, and check out our film-crit website Dim the House Lights.

[SPOILERS] The full bracket can be found here.