Stuck in the Middle With You

39 – Rich and Famous (1980)

Bust out your copy of Gone With the Wind and be careful with that teddy bear! This time around, the guys take a look at the final film from legendary classical Hollywood filmmaker George Cukor, Rich and Famous. Also, Derek asks his co-host a conceptual question about homoeroticism, and Juan goes toe to toe with a nearly 40-year-old take by Pauline Kael.This episode’s recommendations:Day for NightThe Women

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38 – Pain and Gain (2013)

Drink down that steroid smoothie and bust out that copy of C+C Music Factory’s Gonna Make You Sweat! This time around, the guys take a look at Michael Bay’s true crime film Pain and Gain. Also, Juan picks nits about movies set in Miami, and Derek has a long hard think about the telegeny of performers.This episode’s recommendations:Southland TalesThe Rock

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37 – Cruising (1980)

Bust out your best leather and make sure your hanky is in the right pocket! This time around, the guys (including a hoarser-than-usual Derek) take a look at William Friedkin’s much-maligned S&M police thriller Cruising. Also, Juan describes his ideal gay bar theme night, and Derek shouts out the non-film career of Karen Allen.This episode’s recommendations:HeatAngels in America

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36 – Observe and Report (2009)

Grab your nightstick and don’t let the perp get away! This time around, the guys take a look at the 2009 pitch-black Jody Hill comedy Observe and Report. Also, Derek talks about social capital and Juan is back on his TV bullshit.This episode’s recommendations:The Guilt TripSomething Wild

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35 – Unfaithful (2002)

We’re a week late but we’re back in full force, so cut the tag off your fancy new underwear and mind flash windstorm! This week, the guys take a look at Adrian Lyne’s 2002 domestic drama Unfaithful. Also, Derek has opinions on flared jeans and Juan tries his hand at plugging stuff.This episode’s recommendations:American GigoloParis Can Wait

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34 – Maniac Cop (1988)

Get out your shotguns and pump some lead into the undead! This time around, the guys take a look at William Lustig’s 1988 B-movie classic Maniac Cop. Also, Juan talks about parking tickets and Derek misplaces his notes. Yeah, this is a pretty chill one.This episode’s recommendations:Dead RingersNight of the Creeps

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33 – The Producers (2005)

Dust off that stack of crappy plays and be sure to have that blankie at the ready! This time, the guys take a look at the 2005 adaptation of the Broadway hit TheProducers (which itself is an adaptation of Mel Brooks’s 1967 film of the same name). Also, Derek talks about his height and Juan lays the smackdown on James Joyce.This episode’s recommendations:The Lion KingThe Birdcage

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32 – Venom (1981)

To borrow a phrase from the great Irish poet Phil Lynott, the boys are back in town, and they come bearing searing takes on the movies lost in the forgotten valley of middling critical reception. So put on your best safari duds and shield your loins from that black mamba! For their triumphant return, the guys take a look at the 1981 creature feature Venom. Also, Derek thinks about the userbases of new social media, and Juan reckons with a maudlin animated short film.This episode’s recommendations:An American Werewolf in LondonDr. Strangelove

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31 – Above the Law (1988)

Brush up on your aikido skills and threaten to cap a government agent in the ass! This time, the guys at a look at the 1988 Steven Seagal actioner Above the Law. Also, Derek makes a comparison this film doesn’t deserve, and Juan reveals his tortured history with a certain critically-acclaimed film from 2007.This episode’s recommendations:Basic InstinctJackie Brown

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Derek and Juan v. the Top Pop Singles of 1982

Hey there, Derek here. Well, life got in the way of Juan and I recording our Above the Law episode, but we did want to send something in the feed. So here’s a weird, completely non-canon episode from the vault! And it’s about… music?!Back in March 2015, I got a wild hair up my ass and made a single-elimination bracket of the top 32 pop singles of 1982 according to RPM Magazine (RIP) and I asked Juan if he wanted to crown a champ, March Madness-style. He agreed, and we recorded… whatever this is. It was super fun to do,…

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