EPISODE 4: Kapplegate’s Word Crimes

EPISODE 4: Kapplegate’s Word Crimes
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Hosts: Blair, Sara SunhatZhenya
Premiered: July 13, 2017

Luna and Blair can’t tell you their real names. Or where they live. What they can tell you, though, is that they fucking LOVE Cassie. Also, we meet our collective son, Ax! The gang’s finally all here! In addition to The Message, your hosts talk about: The First Book Cover for the Fourth Fucking Time, MORPH GAIN, Hypothetical Squirrel Dominance, The Last Podbender, What If: Dick Riordan, Horseshoe Theory, Theology Ruminations, Mark!, Everyone’s Fucking Gay, Monkey Dabbing, and Kappagate.

Things we discussed: Sheena, Queen of the Jungle clip

Lenticular Cover

Japanese Cover

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