EPISODE 5: Cryptozoologists LOVE The Unabomber

EPISODE 5: Cryptozoologists LOVE The Unabomber
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Hosts: Blair, Sara SunhatZhenya
Premiered: July 28, 2017

Luna and Blair can’t tell you who they are. Or where they live. What they can tell you, though, is that Kapplegate performs some truly heinous word crimes in this volume. Luna read and re-read this book too many times to count as a kid, and it apparently planted some serious phobias. But trust us, it’s great. In addition to The Predator, your hosts discuss: Self-Doxxing, The Six-Brain, Conversational Flips, Marco Is Incredibly Straight, Mike and the Milk Dud, Bomb Prank (Gone Sexual?), Ax LOVES Cinnabon, Sad Mall Stories, The Dreaded Stink Foot, Visser One REVEALED, Official Animorphs Ratings, Rachel the Xenomorph, and We Still Don’t Have A Fucking Outro.

Things we discussed: A cool Animorphs decal

The original cover

The single-image cover

Sorry about the weird cut in the middle! Luna’s internet entirely shit the bed and it was kinda hard to edit around.