S1E3 – Amy Juergens, Carousel Connoisseur

S1E3 – Amy Juergens, Carousel Connoisseur
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Hosts: Jordan, Sam
Premiered: September 14, 2017

I hope you’ve got your Juergen’ It branded barf bags ready, because we’re talking about S01E03, “I Feel Sick”! Watch in horror as Ben reveals his kinks. Listen in horror as Ricky weaves a web of lies for no discernable reason! Smell in horror as Amy vomits on a carousel! Shake your head in disapproval as we criticize the show for constantly repeating an unfunny joke about “King Bowman”, and then proceed to call him King Ham for the entire episode! This week, Ben has his first kiss, and unfortunately it’s not with Amy.

Sam – https://twitter.com/posistress Jordan – https://twitter.com/BradypusRex