EPISODE 88: Alien Resurrection

EPISODE 88: Alien Resurrection
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Hosts: Patrick, Sara SunhatZhenya
Premiered: February 26, 2018

Well, we cloned Blair, which was probably a mistake to begin with. Anyways, 7 of his clones got fucked up and the 8th is currently fighting a buuuunch of aliens out in space, so he’s gonna be busy for another week. Anyways, we got our friend Patrick to talk about Alien Resurrection! It sure as hell ain’t good, but it’s gay, which might be enough? Find out!

In addition to the worst Alien film, we also discussed The Problems With Dave and Buster’s, ABC: Aliens Be Cressurection, Bullet Physics, The Kaluuyaverse, My Name is Purvis, Post-Race Racism, All Xenomorphs Are Queens, and Somebody’s Gotta Be Brooks!

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Thanks as always to Satah for our excellent intro/outro music! Check their music out here!

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