70 – looming a blanket for your entire life

70 – looming a blanket for your entire life
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Hosts: Bean, James
Premiered: November 1, 2018

hello there. on Season 6, Episode 15, titled Across The Sea, we learn all about Jacob, and his nameless brother. one wears white and the other wears black. they were raised by Academy Award Winner Allison Janney, and dug a well sometimes. they saw a light in a cave and said “looks neat to me!” god is it ever a boring episode of television. we do our best but but it doesn’t take us long to bring out some fun new characters that everyone is surely going to love.

hey, as we mention at the end of this episode, we’ll be taking the rest of november off! we’ll be back fresh and full in december to tackle what’s left of lost. thanks for sticking around!