The Island Shuffle

104 – [FINALE] vincent the human man

its the finale of finales! thats right, bean and james are here to discuss the back half of The End, which james had not seen until recording this episode. one last ride into glory. one last breakdown of the joyless season 6. one last opportunity for sawyer to... well, i won't spoil it. one last frank lapidus funny moment. one last awful daniel faraday outfit. one last island shuffle. and a fond farewell to the silly island where anything can happen.

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103 – operation usa

Episode Notes we're back! (kinda!) we're talking about season 2, episode 20, two for the road, an episode about ana lucia's funny vacation, benjamin's funny pranks, and michael's regular day. james and bean try their best to remember what a podcast is -- they're stuck in the distant past, unfortunately, so cut em some slack! as mentioned in the start of the episode, we are ending the show somewhat prematurely. however we have one episode still to come!! so stay tuned next week to hear the island shuffle Grande Finaley!!

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thanks, lostpedia!

it may be a month off for us, but the folks at Lostpedia work year round to maintain a comprehensive database about our favourite serialized ABC mystery show! so we decided to humble ourselves before the true masters. it’s a deep dive into second favourite website next to random dot org!! we’re sharing our favourite articles, facts, and fan theories from a simpler time online, when all you needed were a few humble thoughts about a wildly popular television show about a plane. join us as we stare into the eye of the online, and find something beautiful.

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102 – microwaved beer

we’re enjoying a heaping helping of Season 1, Episode 17, …In Translation. this implies “Lost” in Translation. like the movie! we provide mostly some helpful differences between the 2003 oscar-nominated film and this episode of Lost. we also talk about when Jin golf out of anger, is mean to his wife, and then everyone decides to be racist for a day. and don’t forget about the time Jin agreed to become an enforcer for his mob father-in-law!!this will be our last episode for a little while — we’re taking a break for the month of august, so we can be…

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101 – jeff foxworthy in a fat suit

after an accurate summary of Adam Sandler’s Waterboy Film, we talk about Season 4, Episode 13, There’s No Place Like Home (Part 2). lots of stuff in here!! Hurley takes a piss, Locke asks Jack to partake in a conspiracy, and Ben commits a murder. meanwhile, a BOMB on a FREIGHTER?? what’s gonna happen? in other news, Bean and James have a lot of cool ideas about a certain stand-up comedian’s next steps. royalties, bay bee!

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100 – kissing and moaning

a HUNDRED ‘sodes!! we celebrate this historic milestone with a Classically Terrible Episode of the show. its of course Stranger in a Strange Land, Season 3, Episode 9. you might know it as “The Jack’s Tattoo’s episode”. it’s somehow worse than you remember it! Jack goes on a regular vacation where he flies a kite, kisses a Hot Lady, and then decides to ruin everything for no reason and gets banned from all of Thailand. in the present, Jack is in Jail, and Juliet is on Trial. but Sawyer??? Sawyer’s talkin to the fellas. on this beautiful occasion of 100…

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99 – what if john lennon made it?

its the very first hour of the very worst season!! LA X (Part 1), Season 6 Episode 1 is here. Sawyer digs up his wife, and Ben does a bad job of pretending everything is fine. and in the alternate world, a humble plane that we love gently lands safe and sound… but the ISLAND is UNDERNEATH the OCEAN??? well well well!! surely that’s consequential. we regret to inform you that John Lennon is here, too. what’s the mystery about guitars? listen and find out, buster!

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98 – light it up hotdog

it’s Sundown this week, season 6 Episode 6. Sayid wonders what happiness awaits him in an alternate world, because in the real world, he’s some kind of soulless zombie who everyone wants to kill. and even in the alternate world, the girl of his dreams is dating his brother, and his brother has to deal with a pie emergency!!! normally we make funny jokes but instead we spend most of this episode being mad at the show being bad. sorry!! being funny is hard

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97 – volcano dad

it’s nugget time here on the Island Shuffle as we watch the legitimately pretty wonderful Season 1 Episode 5, named White Rabbit. Jack in the Past copes with a bad dad’s death, and Jack in the Present is stuck in a weirdly striking horror movie. the whole gang’s thirsty! meanwhile we talk restaurant tips and tricks, and realize the plight of a humble janitor with a dream. if you love to listen to our show, well… “Good for You!”

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96 – throw another shrimp on the husband

it’s the Coen Brothers Check-In, but then we watch an episode of Lost like always. how about Season 1, Episode 10, Raised by Another? we learn about Claire’s past with the World’s Worst Man, and then a Slightly Less Worse But Still Bad Psychic. and in the present, Hurley does a funny census, and nobody believes Claire!! meanwhile we wonder about Big Pokemon and discover Ethan’s unfortunate political opinions. it’s an episode, for you? but you gotta listen to it!!

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