S3E25 – casper.com/juergenit

S3E25 – casper.com/juergenit
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Hosts: Jordan, Sam
Premiered: February 2, 2019

Teens, put your phones away! It’s S03E25, “To Be…”, and your hands are for rice now! Ben and Adrian are married now, and that’s just where the show is at. Who cares about that, though, when you could care about interesting things like, what if Anne, was, in a relationship, with, that guy? What if Camille, who we know, was dating George, because, ? What, if Jack and Madisions, where dating, and w, e liked it? What fif, ew’and RBrenada ahd idaieos for tenens wasys fof liefe/? What igvfbu there aws Draama, an dvwso rRuckiy had to aget a newww byedd.j? This week, I couldn’t possibly care about any of this. Sorry!

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