34: The Minion-ium Puzzle (S1 Wrap-Up)

34: The Minion-ium Puzzle (S1 Wrap-Up)
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Hosts: Argyle, Dan, Max, Sarah
Premiered: February 21, 2019

Sorry about this one! Believe it or not, this was supposed to be our season 1 wrap-up episode! We went into the recording booth without a plan and boy howdy, it shows! Please do your best to enjoy this slightly-shorter-than-usual episode of rants, rambles, and minions.

Also! Sorry about my mic quality! I was out of the house and forgot to bring my good mic. I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me. Love, Max.

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Featuring: Argyle, Dan, Max, Sarah

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Songs used:

The Gambler (GBX & Sparkos Hoedown Remix Bootleg)

The Gambler (Bootleg Bounce Remix)