EPISODE 134: Ghost Ship

EPISODE 134: Ghost Ship
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Hosts: Kit, Sara SunhatZhenya
Premiered: March 18, 2019

Come sail away, come sail away with us this week, us being your beloved host Sara with returning guest and friend of the show Kit Spindler in tow! This week’s duo is watching true artistic masterpiece Ghost Ship and dive headlong into the murky waters of Ghost Horny, The Morality of Ship Scavenging, Intense Philosophical Thought on One’s Past Sins, and Fun with Bisection!


  • Steamworks Dig 2
  • Baba Is You
  • Hypnospace Outlaw

Intro and outro music by Satah, you can find more of their work at gaygothvibes.online. Editing done by Blair Kitsch, you can find him by looking deep, deep, deep within your own psyche. He’s in there.