66 – Despite The Constant Negative Media E33

66 – Despite The Constant Negative Media E33
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Hosts: elizabeth leafcrunch, Zoey
Premiered: June 3, 2019

On a very special episode of HKIPGTD, alex leafcrunch and Eden forego the usual format to mostly talk about the Sl*voj Z*zek vs. J*rdan P*terson d*bate that happened a couple months back in T*ronto. Sorry for saying so many bad words but it’s our duty as journalists to report the truth. Anyway our recording had pretty bad tech issues! Luckily we didn’t have to throw any of it out, but our apologies for Eden cutting out sporadically. Thank you to our listeners for sending in questions and guiding the conversation!

Featuring: Eden and alex leafcrunch (who also edited)

Music used:
The Taxpayers – Evil Men
Luciano Michelini – Frolic