098 – Our First Milky President


Avengers who? Say hello to the most ambitious crossover event in history as Ciarán from Corner Spaeti comes on to give us all the info we need about last week’s Labour leaks, and we commiserate over the universal experience of moderates sabotaging the progressive wing of our country’s party. We also talk about the political alignments of the Mushroom Kingdom denizens, Sean Bean’s nomenclature origins, and O.J. Simpson!

Ciarán can be found on Twitter at @CiaranDold and on Corner Spaeti, which can be found at operationglad.io!

Featuring: Sara, Matt, ScotMatt, alex
Also edited by Sara

Music used:
Evil Men – The Taxpayers
Demi Adejuyigbe – Rejected Lyrics to HBO’s Succession Theme

Episode 43: Time To Go In The Hole


Well!!!!!!!! Here’s Hamsteak!

Alex and Lydia return triumphant for another Homestuck anniversary with an episode that was recorded in August. We’re still planning on finishing this thing within our human lifetimes, folks.

John goes in the hole, Rose goes grimdark, Terezi goes to the roof and the reader goes to the doctor’s house. That’s right, it’s pages 3658 to 3873 of Homestuck.

The absolute bangers mentioned are Black Rose, Green Sun and BL1ND JUST1C3 – 1NV3ST1G4T1ON !!

When will the next episode be?! Hopefully in less than one calendar year! Thank you again for your patience and hello to anyone who’s hopped on in the meantime!

Hamometer reading: 47.68%.

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You can find Lydia socially distancing and letting her dog out.

Homestuck, as always, is created by Andrew Hussie.

Intro music is “Showtime (Original Mix)”, by Malcolm Brown.
Outro music is “Showtime (Piano Refrain)”, also by Malcolm Brown, arranged & performed by Kevin Regamey.
Both are on the album Homestuck vol. 1-4


094 – DNC, The Ball’s In Your Court, And It’s Time To Play H.O.R.S.E.


Can we get some Fs in the chat for the bevy of presidential hopefuls who suspended their campaigns last week? Can we ask ourselves which other adjectives can be used to describe a Tuesday? Can we abolish a country that’s really just three mining companies in a trenchcoat? We’ll take your lack of response as a yes.

Hosted by Val, Matt, alex
Edited by alex also

Music used:
The Taxpayers – Evil Men
Panic! At The Disco – High Hopes


089 – Dinero Targaryen


Live from a toilet at the bottom of a well! It’s alex leafcrunch! Val is also here but they sound normal. Imagine they’re sitting on the sill of the well and keeping her company so she doesn’t feel so alone down there. It’s just like that one episode of the Simpsons. The dynamic two-o give you the lowdown on your soon-to-be-favourite sovereign songwriter city-state, your already-favourite presidential paper purveyor Parnas, your anti-favourite car clasping clam contraption, and more. We also solve Game of Thrones (the answer is Dinero Targaryen). Just goes to show, there’s lots of time for solving life’s little mysteries when you’re at the bottom of a well, inside of a toilet.

Hosted by val and alex and edited by the latter!

Music used:
The Taxpayers – Evil Men
Tay Zonday – Mama Economy
David Guetta ft. Akon – Sexy Chick (Radio Edit)


Foresight is 2020


Happy New Year, gamers! Roy, Zoey, Sara, Caroline, Matt, Alex, Matt, alex, and Val give their predictions for the year 2020, and recount their lightbringers of 2019. Is this the year that Mr.H.K. is P.G.T.D.? This and other questions are answered from our very own prognosticators. Reflect on the past year and look forward to our future together with (some of) the hosts of HKIPGTD!

Featuring: Roy, Zoey, Sara, Caroline, Matt, Alex, Matt, alex, and Val

Edited by Val

083 – Who Drink Laura Cooper


This episode is jam-packed. Val and alex discuss, among other things: the fallout of the Canadian election, Republicans on their various celled phones, a Twin Peaks/Riverdale crossover,  AOC vs. Mark Shmuckerberg, matryoshka hitmen, trees, and Tay Zonday’s newest single, Mama Economy.

Music used:
Evil Men – The Taxpayers
Train – Danny Gonzalez
Mama Economy – Tay Zonday


076 – Canada: Become Gay


Batten down the hatches, everyone – Matt got a soundboard. Amidst all the clips blasted out of his computer, alex leafcrunch and Val break down Bernie’s Laborpalooza plan, Matt bargains for Greenland, alex falls down some stairs and experiences a heated podcasting moment, Tangerine Lemon proves the haters wrong, and Brooks gets softblocked. And also, Jair Bolsonaro is burning the Amazon rainforest.

Featuring: alex, Matt, and Val
Edited by Sara

Music used:
Evil Men – The Taxpayers
Dieter Reith – Flying Dragon

074 – Replace Every Cop With A Bus Stop


Folks! It’s Democratic Debates…. 2!

Matt watched them and tried to explain them to Val and alex leafcrunch, who did not, and a bad time was had by all. We also discuss nationalized health care and transit from a Canadian perspective, online accessibility and brainstorm which biblical plague is coming for us next.

All relevant links have been put on our Twitter this week, except for the article about Centralia, PA, which can be found here.

Featuring: Val, alex leafcrunch, Matt (who edited)

Music used:

The Taxpayers – Evil Men

KNOWER – The Government Knows

048 – Time to Le


CW: a storyline in this week’s episode features a lot of transphobia, which we discuss multiple times throughout the recording

Things you’re not gonna learn from this episode of CGMD because you already know them to be true: Mega Lopunny is the sluttiest pokemon and transphobia sure wasn’t any less bad in the year 2000. Things you WILL learn from this episode of CGMD: the technical definition of a pond, Alex’s feelings on chicken welfare, and the possible meaning of “brown sauce.” Anyway, season 3 episode 18, Cock a Doodle Doo!, was absolute dog shit, so thankfully we’re joined by amazing friend of the show alex leafcrunch to make everything better. Time to le!

Find alex on twitter and tumblr, and also on Hamsteak!