48: Kazuki Takahashi’s Drag Me To Hell

48: Kazuki Takahashi’s Drag Me To Hell
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Hosts: Argyle, Audrey, Dan, Max
Premiered: June 13, 2019

We’re back from Cup of Greed tournament baybee!! Congratulations to our winner: Zasset, servant of Horus!

It’s a fun one this week – well, fun unless you’re Bonz/Ghost. You know that feeling when you’re just hanging out in the graveyard, minding your own business, burying yourself in open graves in order to grift people out of duel disks, and then some british asshole comes round and sends You and your friends directly to hell? Sucks, man.

And you know who else sucks? Jean Claude van Magnum. That dude is CANCELLED.

Watching: Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel monsters episode 79 & 80
With: Dan, Max, Argyle, and returning guest Audrey

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