102 – microwaved beer

102 – microwaved beer
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Hosts: Bean, James
Premiered: July 26, 2019

we’re enjoying a heaping helping of Season 1, Episode 17, …In Translation. this implies “Lost” in Translation. like the movie! we provide mostly some helpful differences between the 2003 oscar-nominated film and this episode of Lost. we also talk about when Jin golf out of anger, is mean to his wife, and then everyone decides to be racist for a day. and don’t forget about the time Jin agreed to become an enforcer for his mob father-in-law!!

this will be our last episode for a little while — we’re taking a break for the month of august, so we can be rested up for the final final push to the end of this wild journey. follow us @IslandShuffle and we’ll keep you posted on when we’re back! sometime in september probably! we also have a bonus episode ready to go for the downtime! thanks as always for listening!