S5E18 – Avoid the Noid, Destroy the Zoid

S5E18 – Avoid the Noid, Destroy the Zoid
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Hosts: Jordan, Sam
Premiered: January 25, 2020

Hot dogs, get yer hot dogs here! The SLOATboys are here live at Hot Dog Hut to talk about S01E19, “Money For Nothing, Chicks For Free”! Against all odds, Anne has somehow gotten jobs for herself and- wait. Hold on. This is actually S05E18, “Money for Nothin’”! Sorry about that. There are only so many titles, I guess. Anyway, this is an episode. Divorce Attorney is back with a vengeance(?) and so is Ben(?) It’s really impossible to know at this point. This week, we’re skipping leg-to-stand-on day. All we need is one jacked arm.

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