Episode Six Part Two: “Can Your Friends Do This?”

Episode Six Part Two: “Can Your Friends Do This?”
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Hosts: Jordan B, Kyle, Rowan, Sean, Silas, Stephen, Taylor, Tina
Premiered: April 3, 2021

A nice dinner screeches to a halt when Xena is revealed to be a doppelganger disguised as one of Zaria’s moms! It’s a good ol’ fashioned dinner-table combat!

Plus! What’s a Divine Heart and what does that have to do with the woman who was overtaken by the black ooze?

Recap ends at 02:28

Jordan (he/him) as Agronak
Tina (she/her) as Dani
Sean (he/him) as Des
Taylor (they/them) as Fawkes
Kyle (they/them) as Lucky
Silas (he/him) as Q’Aruta
Rowan (she/her) as Zaria
and Stephen (he/him) as The Dungeon Master

Medal Ceremony Short by iLife
Witch Mountain by https://tabletopaudio.com

Rat Battle by https://tabletopaudio.com

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