Episode Nine Part Two: “…On the Road to Hell.”

Episode Nine Part Two: “…On the Road to Hell.”
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Hosts: Jordan B, Kyle, Rowan, Sean, Silas, Stephen, Taylor, Tina
Premiered: May 15, 2021

Des has fallen into another Oil-Coma as the rest of The Squad debates on his real identity. Cracks are forming in the already unstable group. Let’s hope they figure things out before they reach Monsterland!

Recap ends at 02:15

Jordan (he/him) as Agronak
Tina (she/her) as Dani
Sean (he/him) as Des
Taylor (they/them) as Fawkes
Kyle (they/them) as Lucky
Silas (he/him) as Q’Aruta
Rowan (she/her) as Zaria
and Stephen (he/him) as The Dungeon Master

Medal Ceremony Short by iLife

Rat Battle by https://tabletopaudio.com

Field of Heroes by https://tabletopaudio.com

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