Episode Ten Part Two: “Destined to be Hated.”

Episode Ten Part Two: “Destined to be Hated.”
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Hosts: Jordan B, Kyle, Rowan, Sean, Silas, Stephen, Taylor, Tina
Premiered: June 5, 2021

The Squad, still tense after Rute and Fawkes stole Agronak’s Divine Heart, head into the mountain tunnels of Hiders and meet Antirrhinum (aka Snappy)’s family plus one of The Great Wizard’s top employees.

Secrets are revealed and thinly veiled threats are made.

Recap ends at 01:11

Jordan (he/him) as Agronak
Tina (she/her) as Dani
Sean (he/him) as Des
Taylor (they/them) as Fawkes
Kyle (they/them) as Lucky
Silas (he/him) as Q’Aruta
Rowan (she/her) as Zaria
and Stephen (he/them) as The Dungeon Master

Medal Ceremony Short by iLife

Rat Battle by https://tabletopaudio.com

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