Warden Academy: The Fountainhedge 10 – Woah!! Neat Robit!!!

Warden Academy: The Fountainhedge 10 – Woah!! Neat Robit!!!
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Hosts: Argyle, Audrey, Dan, Elliott, Max, Sarah
Premiered: July 24, 2021


We finished recording Poddity High(as we like to call it) in early 2020, jumping on the fact that a lot of us were working from home in order to complere the finale sessions. That was uh….. well over a year ago, and you can really really tell, becaise not only is the audio quality in the toilet, but the word “girlboss” isn’t anywhere in our lexicon, and Sarah says the absolutely unhinged words of “The only Giant Robot show i’ve seen is Evangelion”. Hah.

If you charge us a big enough spirit bomb we might even be able to muster the energy to edit and release the final 3 episodes :mood:

Oddity High is a game by Derek Ehlmann

Argyle as Masahito | Audrey as Yuuriko | Dan as Atsuko | Elliott as Nagisa| Max as Hiroki | Sarah as the Lead Writer

Editied by Argyle and Sarah

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