#1 – Larry the Cable Guy’s Ranch Licking Improv Comedians

#1 – Larry the Cable Guy’s Ranch Licking Improv Comedians
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Hosts: Diet Coke, Lilith
Premiered: July 27, 2021

Diet Coke & Lilith enter the House of Snax for the very first time, this time trying out Whataburger Jalapeño Ranch and Pepsi Blue!

This episode was recorded before the beginning of the Frito Lay strike in Topeka, Kansas. House of Snax asks that you honor the requested boycott of all Frito Lay and Pepsico products for the duration of the strike in solidarity with striking workers. More information about this and other labor movements can be found at labornotes.org

Intro voiceover by Jarett Raymond

Music & Sounds used during the intro & Outro:

Hall of the Mountain King by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Thunder by lennyboy (freesound.org)
Door, Front, Opening, A – InspectorJ (freesound.org)
Noise – Juandamb (fresound.org)
Walking through Mud – Breviceps
Strong wind inside house _ Viento fuerte interior casa – SonoRec (freesound.org)
Tape Start – unfa (freesound.org)
video_recorder_load_cassette_02 – Magedu (freesound.org)
creaky door – m_marek (freesound.org)
Door, Front, Closing, A – InspectorJ (freesound.org)
Door closing, door closed – steinhyrningur (freesound.org)
Door_Heavy_Reverb_Open_Close – LamaMakesMusic (freesound.org)
video_recorder_eject_cassette – magedu (freesound.org)