S2E6: Stupid Sexy Spider

S2E6: Stupid Sexy Spider
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Hosts: Audrey, Cassidy, Nero
Premiered: June 26, 2022

This week its all about people who wanna kill each other (but in a little bit of a fruity way). Cassidy (@whatiscosplay) joins us this week to talk about the debut of the evil sexy spider lady Airachnid, as she tries to murder Arcee (but also does the Spider-Man kiss pose so you know something else is goin on there.) Also this week, Bumblebee Psychonauts his way into Megatron’s mind, Soundwave has very upsetting fingers, and Jack manages to be a nerd about camping. Isn’t it kinda gay to have an arch rival? I mean, what’s he arching, his back?

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