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S5E9: *Web Shooting Noises*

This week is great if you like to hear professional voice actors make animal noises or weird grunts. This week is also pretty great if you're Tigatron...mostly. We watched 'Spider's Game', an episode all about Tarantulus and Blackarachnia doing treacherous spider shenanigans. They make a new guy, and Tarantulus becomes even more unpleasant somehow. Then in 'Call of the Wild' Megatron figures out how to make the Maximals go monke mode, and hunts them for sport, complete with elephant gun. Just another day in da Beast Wars baybee. Noise Space | Discord


S5E8: Don’t Worry About It

Hey, look, I know there are a few weird things going on right now but its chill. The Maximals just got a new bird friend who is super cool, and Cheetor had another weird vision quest. It's fine. Yeah, sure there's a floating island with a giant obelisk that hates guns on it, and Tigatron is displaying some worrying ecofascist tendencies but its cool. That beam it sent up to space? The alien runes covering every inch of it? Whaddya talkin' about? It's fiiiiiine. How about we talk about Blackarachnia's sexy goth makeover instead, ok? Forget all about THE MIGHTY…

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S5E7: One For The Sickos

This week is all about our Maximals being nasty little sickos. First Rhinox gets Predified and causes all sorts of havoc on the Darksyde. Then Megatron decides to clone Dinobot to attempt to infiltrate the Maximal base. The clone can't transform, and is seemingly organic. We will let you work through that one on your own. Heh Heh. Noise Space | Discord

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Got a couple of Dinobot focused episodes this week with 'The Probe' and 'Victory'. First, the Maximals finally wonder whats going on with Primal and his boys, and sends something to investigate. While the Maximals try to contact it, Dinobot has conflicted feelings about the whole thing, and then Tarantulus shows up with an ORB. Then in 'Victory' the Predacons totally 100 percent die, and the Maximals get ready to leave, but then they look in a hole and discover the truth. We also talk about Rattrap and his various boyfriends, this show's bizarre editing, ORBs. Noise Space | Discord

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S5E5: Automatic Dinosaur Shibari

Life tried its best to prevent this episode from being made, but we won't go down that easily! Nero and Audrey do their best to recap two episodes of Beast Wars that they watched several weeks ago, before Events Occurred. Rattrap gets locked in with a malfunctioning security system and must do all kinds of cool stunts to turn it off. Then Optimus Primal decides he's tired of being nice, and instead opts to go Ape Shit. We rank the Predacons by intelligence, pair up Beast Wars characters with Disney princes, and wonder if love can bloom between a Scientist…

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S5E4: Women’s Wrongs

This week is all about (briefly) meeting new guys! Tigatron and Blackarachnia are here, and then remember they have other things to do and go away for a little bit. But man do they have great voices. Also we talk about how every single Predacon has some kind of bizarre fetish (ESPECIALLY TARANTULUS), Rattrap's toxic russy, Optimus Primal being gone off that robo-oxy, and how the only guy who seems to have the ear of the Maximal commander is the very recent Predacon turncoat, which doesn't exactly say great things about the rest of his soldiers. Noise Space | Discord

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S5E3: For Want Of A Starscream

(Apologies in advance for Audrey's audio this episode. Due to mic issues we had to fall back on the recording bot.) This week, we start getting into what Beast Wars is most well known for; the slow roll of a mysterious ongoing plot involving strange structures and bizarre technology scattered across the planet. Oh, and Optimus Primal getting killed/seperated from his body/transcending somehow. That also happens a lot. Also discussed; Rhinox's massive chainguns, Tarantulus and Rattrap crack shipping, and how in the absence of a Starscream the average treachery level of all Decepticon/Predacon characters drastically goes up. Just don't ask…

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S5E2: Accidental Isekai Machine

This week, Daphnis from our Discord joins us to talk about episodes 3 and 4 of Beast Wars, both of which involve Cheetor being reckless and stupid. He is blown up by the dumbest Predacon alive, gets trapped in Tarantulus' BDSM dungeon, is struck by lightning several times, challenges the sky to a fight, and tries to fistfight an inanimate object. Not a great showing so far, Cheetor! Well anyway, we hope you all like our Beast Era intro music : ). Noise Space | Discord

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S5E1: Optimus Primal’s Lubed Up Thighs

We're finally back to get started on BEAST WARS, the most drastic revamping the franchise has ever been through. What if instead of cars and planes everybody turned into actual real animals? And instead of it looking bad because it was cheaply made, it looked bad because it was using cutting edge CGI technology? And what if there was an Autobot who was just a huge scummy asshole, who also turned into a rat? And what if Megatron was, you know...a little fruity with it? I won't pretend to have answers for all of those questions, but I DO know…

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S4E8: Three Starscream Moon

We're back from hiatus! And now we're going on a second, longer hiatus! But before we do we have to wrap up Season 1 of G1. We discuss the incomparable clusterfuck of the Transformers televised debut, recap our favorite animation errors, hand out some end of season awards, and ponder alternate histories where G1 WASN'T the first Transformers show. And of course, Nero announces their pick for the next season. See you in March! Noise Space | Discord

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