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S4E7: The Beautiful Autobot Twinks Of G1

Well we have finished our trek through G1's first season, which ended much as it began; shoddily animated, confusingly written, and absolutely fucking hilarious all the way through. Some big debuts in these episodes, with the fan favorite Constructicons making their presence known. It also has Starscream exhibiting WILD sicko behavior, and both Megatron and Optimus taking colossal Ls the whole way through. But don't worry, there are plenty of beautiful Autobot twinks (and Starscream) to take your mind off of how bad the animation is. Noise Space | Discord

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S4E6: Decepticon Command Polycule

Oh, let's see what Megatron got us for the holidays. Wow! It's the planet Cybertron encroaching on Earth's orbit and tearing it asunder! This week CNRN from our discord joins us to talk about The Ultimate Doom three part saga. This one really pulls out all the stops. We've got mind control chips, world ending disasters, Humans collaborating with Decepticons, and Seeker slapfights. Merry Christmas if you celebrate, and if not have a happy holiday season everyone! Noise Space | Discord

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S4E5: What If Starscream Was Normal? (With Quinton Reviews)

This week we're welcoming famous videosmith and bearer of iCarly knowledge Quinton Reviews on to talk all things Skyfire/Jetfire. 'Fire in the Sky' and 'Fire on the Mountain' are quite a pair of eps. The first one features some of the first real character lore we've had for this show, expanding on Starscream's past and giving his character new context, and ends on a rather melancholy note for the usually bonkers G1. The second one...well it's mostly just kind of wild, but it DOES feature Optimus Prime falling down a bunch of stairs several times! We discuss the strange history…

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S4E4: Witwicky Budding Theory

Audrey may hate it when I do it in the episode, but she can't stop me from doing Shrapnel's vocal tick in the description, description! This week the Dinobots go on strike, Wheeljack adopts two more sons, and there are a bunch of huge robot bugs in the jungle, jungle. How did the Autobots drive from Oregon to Bali, Bali? Why did Wheeljack forget to give Snarl a personality, personality? Does the insecticons being able to process organic matter mean they've eaten people, people? There are many questions, and we have a few of the answers this week on Prime…

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S4E3: Shockwave Gets Trolled

Due to some creative scheduling, our nonlinear history of Transformers is even more nonlinear than usual as we cover episodes 6 and 8 of G1. Some extremely iconic G1 stuff is established in these episodes, like the Dinobots. There's also some stuff that stuck in young fans minds so hard that it eventually BECAME iconic, like those colorful Starscream clones called the Rainmakers. And naturally the show can barely go five minutes without some kind of catastrophic animation error, like Skywarp being miscolored as both his teammates within the same scene. Anyway did you know that even with seat belts…

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S4E2: Don Cliffote

Despite what you may think, the Decepticons weren't defeated simply by getting a little wet. G1 just keeps on rolling this week, with some of the most madness filled action sequences we've seen yet. Laser baseballs, clam nets, hand launched buzzsaws, and more await you here. Plus, Cliffjumper takes nothing but Ls, Soundwave does a brain scan, Bumblebee is a terrible scout, and we finally get to see what Jet Judo is all about. Noise Space | Discord

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S4E1: Woe, Laserbeak Be Upon Ye

Right out the gate, G1 lets you know exactly what this show is gonna be; poorly animated, bizarrely written, and extremely funny. We're covering the three part introduction of the Transformers, More Than Meets The Eye. You will hear about Shockwave's huge honkers, the Autobot's huge brained plans, the Decepticon's complete two dimensional villainy, and how every single human in this show wears a hard hat. And while Starscream is obviously a hoot from minute one, we find a new favorite guy in the form of a rude blue dude that lives in Soundwave's chest. Now the only question remains;…

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S3E8: Sentinels Is The Same

Another season down! This week we're wrapping up our coverage of TFA season 1. Our expectations and memories going in, the ups and downs of late 2000s episodic storytelling, and being absolutely perfect at not spoiling anything ever. We also have some awards to give out, some characters to kill, and some books to discuss. And of course, we have the announcement of our next season. What is it? I'm not telling you. Listen to the damn episode! Noise Space | Discord

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S3E7: Sumdac You Ignorant Slut

Well folks it's already here, the season finale for TFA. We've had some laughs, but now its time to get down to whats REALLY important; camping vs glamping. Oh also, Megatron is resurrected and beats the shit out of the Autobots and stuff but like come on, we know you. You wanna hear more about Bumblebee's potential future as a drug mule, and Megatron and Starscream's foreplay involving lots of veiled threats. Anyway I'm gonna swing by McServo's, you want an Energon Mac or something? Noise Space | Discord

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S3E6: The Fanzone Fan Zone

Gonna be honest with you folks, these episodes were mostly nothing to write home about. Even the Dinobots returning couldn't save us from this sea of mediocrity...but maybe one square shaped, brick fisted, machine hating cop could! Meltdown makes his big comeback, Bulkhead learns all about art, and the worlds most aggravating man tries to melt all of Michigan in a nuclear fireball. This week Prime Cuts is [email protected] [email protected] and all that garbage. Noise Space | Discord

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