Prime Cuts

S2E2: Doctor GILF

This week we're finishing 5 part premier of Transformers Prime, Darkness Rising. A lot happens in these two episodes, including Optimus tapping into his Bayverse incarnation's rampant bloodlust, Megatron using Starscream like a stress ball, the children nearly dying a whole lot, and Fowler being tortured so much he gets drunk. Anyway you don't care about that, you want to hear about the Prime DILF rankings and discussion about how Soundwave Likes To Watch. RIP Megatron, who certainly won't be coming back ever. Also we forgot to mention it in the actual episode but we're gonna be off next week.…


S2E1: Shaft Tricks

We're back with an all new season, this time covering the first season of Transformers Prime! We bring you a podcast covering Darkness Rising parts 1-3 that is nearly twice as long as the episodes themselves because Prime is Just That Good. Join us as we talk about the dangers of using devil drugs, Starscream's bottom coding, and how a 12 year old can hack into the Pentagon. And Cliffjumper is there! The whole time! As a perfectly alive guy! Noise Space | Discord


S1E26: A Farewell To Arm(ada)s

Wow, its time to wrap up our first season already! Nero and Audrey look back at Transformers Armada, talking through its ups and downs while considering its strange little place in the larger Transformers franchise. Then, we go ahead and officially introduce the next season's subject; Transformers Prime season one! We go over this groundbreaking show's beginnings, its place in franchise lore, and talk about how it warped Audrey's mind irreparably. Stupid sexy Starscream... Noise Space | Discord

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S1E25: Kaonian Tuant

We've reached the end of our first season! It's time to finally deal with Unicron once and for all! (Please ignore the other two shows within this trilogy that also deal with Unicron, please). Optimus and Galvatron contend with the Chaos Bringer personally, and it gets very fleshy very fast. Of course, even after all that is through, there's still the matter of Prime and Galvatron's fated duel to be had. So join us on this ultra action packed, budget blowing, robo-homoerotic finale, and maybe you'll learn something about what does and doesn't count as a 'thrussy' along the way.…

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S1E24: So Long Sweet Squidhead

Dearest listeners, we are gathered here once more to mourn a beloved(?) Decepticon's passing. He was a brilliant tactician [citation needed], an unmatched warrior [citation needed], and the remarkable shape of his head brought joy to many, including us. That's right, Thrust is gone...but not forgotten. Oh and some other important stuff too happened I guess. Anyway, y'all heard about this pants4pants relationship stuff? Shockwave and Jetfire are trying to make it work! Noise Space | Discord

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My Life As A Podcast Robot

We're back with another episode of your favorite podcast chronicling the classic Nick show MLAATR in reverse order! This week's show covers episodes 7 and 6 of the second season, including some real classics like "Killgore" and "Armagedroid"! And of course, all the jokes you've come to expect from MLAAPR. You know, your favorite show about robots who can turn into other things! Noise Space | Discord

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S1E23: The Ballad of Gooey Gus

Dear listeners, I have sad news. This is not a podcast episode. This is a funeral service for our favorite edgy anime bot. Good ol Starscream has been through a lot; gaslighting, swapping loyalties, being betrayed an uncountable number of times, getting sand everywhere when he went to Mars, but rest assured he is finally at peace. He fought the moon, and the moon won. He is survived by his dickhead of a commander, the earth girl he had some kind of weird thing going on with, and a tiny robot that turns into a race car. Now let us…

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S1E22: Wheelie’s Wild Ride

Betrayal! Time travel! Daring solo missions! GOOPY EGG SACS! This episode of Prime Cuts has it all! As we spiral ever closer to the end of Armada more of Unicron's ancient machinations are brought to light, alliances are forged, friendship is rekindled, and Thrust acts like a huge dipshit. Also, we add another ride to our Cybertronian Theme park, discuss Butterfly Effect type situations, and wonder if you can take your towel in the shower with you. Noise Space | Discord

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S1E21: Going Chimp Mode

This week the foul machinations of Unicron have us seeing double with the introduction of an evil Optimus clone that's basically a giant gorilla with magic powers and a huge sword. Bad news is that all our pals get absolutely curbstomped. Good news is they have fresh drip (THAT YOU CAN NOW BUY IN STORES)! Then we finally make it to Cybertron and things seem pretty dire, especially with the giant black hole attempting to consume the entire planet. Also, does anybody know where Optimus got those new guns from, because we sure don't. Noise Space | Discord

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Excuse me, but do you have time to hear about our lord and savior Optimus Prime? Did you know that after three episodes he was risen? Well here, I have a podcast for you to listen to. This week we're covering episodes 41 and 42 of Transformers Armada. Things are picking up as we enter the final stage of this show. Unicron is FINALLY mentioned by name, the Autobots build the galaxy's most phallic spaceship, the Minicons perform a Christian Space Miracle, and Rad's father displays some of the most negligent parenting in anime history, which is honestly quite impressive.…

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