S4E3: Shockwave Gets Trolled

S4E3: Shockwave Gets Trolled
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Hosts: Audrey, Nero
Premiered: December 4, 2022

Due to some creative scheduling, our nonlinear history of Transformers is even more nonlinear than usual as we cover episodes 6 and 8 of G1. Some extremely iconic G1 stuff is established in these episodes, like the Dinobots. There’s also some stuff that stuck in young fans minds so hard that it eventually BECAME iconic, like those colorful Starscream clones called the Rainmakers. And naturally the show can barely go five minutes without some kind of catastrophic animation error, like Skywarp being miscolored as both his teammates within the same scene. Anyway did you know that even with seat belts people die all the time in Space Bridge accidents? I just thought that was interesting.

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