S1E4 – …And Also With You – Year Four

S1E4 – …And Also With You – Year Four
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Hosts: Echo Vessel, Nicky Flowers
Premiered: May 4, 2023

Three years ago in the same galaxy… Nicky Flowers and Echo Vessel devised a podcast.

…And Also With You is a once-yearly limited event prestige podcast about Star Wars from Noise Space and neo-detritus, covering one minute of Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope yearly. In Year Four, it’s all Star Wars, no toilets. We’ve got some opinions on Mando, Ando, and Jedi Survando, plus a live reaction to the worst Simpsons short of all time. Please visit our website at https://dogwipe.xyz and send us your #TurgleLippyScale submissions on Twitter @AAWYpod or Cohost @AndAlsoWithYou.

Tape-addled Star Wars MIDIs by Nicky Flowers. Stay to the end for a wobbly galactic overture.