Episode 71: Tanimura Tokens

Episode 71: Tanimura Tokens
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Hosts: Argyle, Jordan
Premiered: May 5, 2023

New protagonist time! It’s time for everyone’s favorite (?????) cop, Masayoshi Tanimura, a fairly compelling character who’s marred by some pretty subpar combat gameplay. We discuss Mr. Try-and-Hit-Me’s bad luck, Kazama’s grindset, and yakuza wormhole technology.

Playing: Chapter 9 (or Part 3 Chapter 1) of Yakuza 4

Music (in order of appearance): GET TO THE TOP! – Remix OF THE END, Yakuza: Dead Souls OST
Infinite Handcuffs, Yakuza 4 OST
Midnight Dancer, by Toshiki Masuda

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