S5E12: Daddy Vibes

S5E12: Daddy Vibes
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Hosts: Audrey, Nero
Premiered: June 25, 2023

It’s time for the season finale! All the pieces fall into place, and our characters make big moves; Megatron goes into full Bond villain mode as he awaits the arrival of the mysterious alien race seemingly using this planet as an experiment. Optimus Primal gets put into a bondage machine and scolded by the robot devil. Tarantulus’ plans are set in motion, and he valiantly resists the treacherous flirtation of his sexy spider minion. Inferno immolates people. Everyone takes turns telling Rattrap to shut up. Waspinator has a terrible day. Oh, and the evil fake alien moon is a Halo, from the game Halo. NOT the Death Star. Get it right.

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