Ep.6 – Reaper’s Olympics: Useless and Depressed

Ep.6 – Reaper’s Olympics: Useless and Depressed
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Hosts: Emory, Izzy, Quatre
Premiered: June 28, 2023

This week, Emory, Spike, and Elvier discuss the characters from Emory’s Interstitial campaign, Reaper’s Olympics.

Which Digimon character would be best friends with Blaze the Cat? Is it good to leave character development up to a die roll? How do you insert an OC into a campaign without being obnoxious about it? What is Tails’ gender? We answer all this and more!

Our artwork features portraits by all 4 hosts, as well as Dani Diaz, Velvet Lily, Malus Draco, and Lauri Saunders

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