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S2E17 – And There’s Only One Tub!

The Trager Teens really messed up by trying to help their friend last week, so this week they're S02E17, "Grounded"! Kyle has smuggled Amanda into his room, [see title]! How will he keep her hidden from her mom and the nosy Tragers and the nosier Jessi and the nosiest social worker? Seems like there's a lot going on this week, and I haven't even mentioned that there's another Preston's Party happening! I hope Lori gets to go see all her wonderful friends! Sam | Jordan Twitter | Patreon | Discord | YouTube


S2E16 – Fossy Needy Dwinky Dwivey

Two households, both alike in dignity, in fair Seattle where we lay our scene... sounds like Kyle XY S02E16, "Great Expectations", obviously! It's the Romeo and Juliet episode for some reason, and these households truly are alike in dignity, between our least favorite son Josh Trager and our least favorite mom Carol Bloom! No dignity to be found! This episode isn't the best, but at least Hillary isn't in it, right? Right??? Sam | Jordan Twitter | Patreon | Discord | YouTube


[Unlocked] Grant High School Exchange Program Episode 3: Grease 2

We weren't able to do an episode this week, so please enjoy this unlocked episode on the bad movie Grease 2 from our Patreon series The Grant High School Exchange Program, originally recorded in October 2019! This month, for some reason, we're heading to Rydell High to hang out with the T-Birds and the Pink Ladies. It's Grease 2, the movie everyone loves to watch, and remember, and enjoy, and enjoy remembering watching! The songs aren't great, and the fake greaser voices are nails on a chalkboard terrible, but at least the riders are cool. Come join us down in…

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S2E15 – YouTubed

Another bad one this week! It's S02E15, "The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades", and we've cracked the code on what makes a bad episode of Kyle XY. It's Hillary! This is a Hillary episode! She's committed herself to becoming the "Queen of Fabulous" because the writers noticed that all the kids love Sharpay from High School Musical. Hillary is so bad this week that we barely talked about the fact that Kyle can fly now! Ugh! Sam | Jordan Twitter | Patreon | Discord | YouTube

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S2E14 – Hupping Jocks

Remember before when we joked about Kyle doing a heist with Stephen and Nicole? Well, this is S02E14, "To C.I.R. With Love", and, well. Good joke, us! So, this is the episode where the Tragers do a heist. Like the previous heist episode, it's a little busted, but that's okay. What's important is that Jessi is perfectly fine! Sam | Jordan Twitter | Patreon | Discord | YouTube

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S2E13 – Hello, I’m Cobb Salad Cherry Cola

Some good news and some bad news this week. The good news is that Kyle XY S02E13, "Leap of Faith", is totally off the wall and very good. The bad news is that a lot of it is pretty bad. In this longer-than-most-but-who-am-I-kidding-they're-all-pretty-long episode, we spend a lot of time breaking down what the show does right (everyone except Josh and Nicole) and what the show does wrong (Josh and Nicole). Also, Tom Foss is here, so it's a 100% good episode actually. Sam | Jordan Twitter | Patreon | Discord | YouTube

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S2E12 – Cork It Up!

Quick, get inside! It's S02E12, "Lockdown", and everyone has to be inside! Please don't ask why, it's not important. Anyway, now that you're here, want to rehash some boring Leclan drama? (That's what I call Lori and Declan!) Or maybe you'd be more interested in some uncomfortable Jandy content? (That's what I call Josh and Andy!) Don't worry, this episode isn't all bad. Tom Foss is in it! In fact, Tom Foss is in it so good that the episode is actually very good! Thank you, Tom Foss! Sam | Jordan Twitter | Patreon | Discord | YouTube

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S2E11 – A Supersaturated Situation

Rev up your hands! Roy of the show Roy is joining us to talk about S02E11, "Hands on a Hybrid"! There's a car-touching contest and you KNOW Kyle is going to crush it, so, what else is going on? Stephen continues to get trolled by his terrible boss, Mr. Ballantine. Tom Foss is getting brain tortured which is pretty fun, I guess. Sorry, I wish I was better at hyping things up. Can we get Sideshow Bob in here to take over for me? That guy really knows how to get the party going! Sam | Jordan | Roy Twitter…

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S2E10 – 20,000 Business Trips = 1 Divorce

Get your hacking USBs ready, because we've got a heist this week! It's Kyle XY S02E10, "House of Cards", and our favorite trio of Kyle, Declan, and Tom Foss are going to break into Madacorp. How will that go? Foss is involved, so probably really well! Meanwhile, Ballantine's evil plan to break up Nicole and Stephen's marriage for some reason is progressing for some reason. If only Stephen hadn't left his butt stuff in the hotel room! Come on, Stephen! Anyway, that's gonna do it for this episode description. I gotta get going or I'm gonna miss the Pachelbel's Canon…

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S2E9 – Josh Trager Band of Horses Funeral AMV

Finally, an episode for us '90s kids! It's S02E09, "Ghost in the Machine", and Lori has decided that she wants to go see the murder forest - but, uh oh, that's where Zyzzx used to be! What will happen? A bunch of flashbacks to Zyzzx in 1992, it turns out! Will Kyle get a Skip-It? Will Josh listen to *NSYNC? Which Scooby-Doo character is Amanda? Find out the answers to all these questions and more! Sam | Jordan Twitter | Patreon | Discord | YouTube

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