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3 – Crack Stuntman is a Real Man

We’re back! Eden and Dave are joined my podcast host and namer extraordinaire Sara from HKIP, Fearbaiting, and The Wonder Yeerks. We discuss the Cheat Commando Cartoons, why real people exist in the H*R universe, and several unrelated tangents.Art By: Song:

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2 – Don’t Excard On Me

In Episode 2 of The Stick, Eden and David bring in special guest Jordan (of Juergen’ It) to discuss the myriad and disgusting foods of the Homestar Runner universe. Things definitely don’t get political here, nope, not at all.

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1 –! “It’s Dot XYZ!”

Welcome aboard the USS HomestarRErunner! We’re your captains Evan and David! In this first episode, we discuss the “First time here?” and character videos and give an of introduction to the characters. Also: early internet culture, Homestar’s continuing influence and weird Quiznos’ commercials.Warning: Because this discussion covers the characters it also includes some of the problematic elements of some of them, and while there is no specific discussion of triggering subject matter a general CW for mentions of sexual predation and racism is still present.

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The Stick

David and guests join forces to talk about Homestar Runner, its influence on culture, and think of as many quotes as they can. Meet us at The Stick.