Talk in the Microphone

6 – Very Tiny Songs (2006)

With the final album in the Junior Science Club repertoire, Owen and Conner take a unique approach to this unique collection of very tiny songs, and each give their own personal Top 10 of their favorite Logan tracks.

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5 – Goodbye, My 4-Track (2003)

Owen and Conner review Logan’s fifth album, infamously called the “Sgt. Pepper’s of comedy music” by Dr. Demento, track-by-track, telling some amusing observations along the way.

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4 – Earth is Big (2000)

The fourth album by Logan Whitehurst (the first with the Junior Science Club) is a mark of transition in Logan’s producing and songwriting abilities. Owen and Conner talk not only about the tracks, but what was occurring around this time that resulted in this album standing out in the Logan discography.

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1 – Outsmartin’ The Popos (1997)

We go over Logan’s first solo album, Outsmartin’ The Popos, and talk about the origin stories of most of the songs, including a borrowed four-track, a badass Christopher Walken, and a Kiss cover band.

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Talk in the Microphone

Owen Otto (former guitarist for Little Tin Frog) and Conner Nyberg (avid fan) team together to go through the entire solo discography of Logan Whitehurst, uncovering secrets that had been buried for millions of years.