059 – Can You Poach My Eggs?


It’s Charlie’s Angels week on CGMD, partly because Lucy Liu is in the episode, but more importantly because we’re joined again by the lovely guest of Summer! We discuss season 4 episode 11, Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda. And folks? It’s possibly the first time Carrie has ever been more valid than Aidan. Miranda is pregnant, Charlotte isn’t, and we’re pleasantly surprised at how well the show handles abortion!

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042 – Penis Right


This week we’re joined again by the wonderful Summer! We needed our resident expert on flight attendants and weddings, because Miranda is doing her best FA cosplay and Charlotte is getting married. We’re also tackling Carrie’s braingenious question of “IS LYING GOOD ACTUALLY” because that’s where she’s at in her mind prison, I GUESS. Oh yeah and we’re on episode 12 of season 3, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Put on your best Homestuck tshirt and enjoy!

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030 – Horse Secrets


Your favourite anti-equestrian gals have finally reached the end of season 2, and they brought friend and artist of the show Summer along for the ride! This week’s episode is season 2 episode 18, Ex and the City. Between horses, huge dicks (the ex kind), and huge dicks (the dick kind), there’s a lot to unpack. So hop on your favourite horsie and gallop into season 3 with us!

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