Episode 51 – Some Real Among Us Type Stuff

Val's irregular, Joe @thetallestjew, is back, and this time we're talking math! There's all kinds of mathematical questions in season 3 episode 4 of Elementary, A Regular Irregular, and there's even more in this podcast episode. What kind of math do cops do? What's the evilest number? And why do we still have to learn pre-calc in high school, even though it sucks so much??? This episode of Elementary also features a very gifable, very ship-able moment. You can join the LMNOP discord to see a screencap of Marcus Bell being a little guy, but you'll have to watch the…

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Episode 50 – Bird Murder Is Also Bad

This episode title might be taking a bold stance, but we stand behind it: it's bad to kill other people's pets, actually. Eris returns to the pod once again to join Val in discussion about Season 3 Episode 2 of Elementary, The Five Orange Pipz. Sherlock is really back, and Bell is loving that. Joan is spending more time with Sherlock and Kitty, and Kitty is hating that. This episode also features side characters like Special Agent Shaved Seth Rogan, and AUSA Obviously Up To Something. Listen to the end of the ep to hear our conversations about Eris's crab…

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Episode 49 – Oppa Watson Style

I could've sworn there was already an episode titled Oppa Something Style, but apparently this is the first one! János returns to watch and discuss Elementary's season 3 premiere, Enough Nemesis to Go Around. Speaking of, Joan has obtained a nemesis in this episode, named either Ilana, or Elena, or Elana, depending on when in the podcast episode Val is pronouncing it. Join Val and János in taking a moment of silence to imagine a bird on a leash, looking at some of the worst facial hair on Johnny Lee Miller, and advocating for Karen rights. We eat a loooot…

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Episode 48 – Ms.Communication

Welp, Mycroft is still here, so we had a lot to say this time. Best friend of the show, aka Jo @friendofdashow, joins Val to discuss Season 2 episode 24 of Elementary, The Grand Experiment. Many secrets are revealed in the finale of season 2, including Jo's $60 secret which very well could have destroyed the podcast. We explore absolutely terrible op sec, doubly idiotic double-agents, and how much Mycroft sucks still. Tangents include movie-theater phone horror stories, and the origin stories of the Energizer/Duracell bunny and Joann Fabrics. They're more dramatic than it sounds, trust me. Jo (he/they) @FriendOfDaShow…

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Episode 47 – Cabal at the Queen and Country Club

It's the penultimate episode of season 2! Exciting! And Mycroft is here. Bummer. This week friend of the show Jo joins Val to dive into the world of spydom and British intrigue. We watched Season 2, Episode 23 of Elementary, Art in the Blood. Sherlock visits a club for gentlemen, which is not a gentlemen's club. Joan and Sherlock investigate why a body at the morgue had its arms stolen, and Jo and Val absolutely roast Mycroft's stupid bangs. Jo (he/they) @friendofdashow Intro song by Noah Geist Outro song is Watching the Detectives by Elvis Costello Join our discord!

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Episode 46 – Hey Yoda!

Genetics. Anesthesiology. Formula 1 drama. Playing 5,000 hours on Runescape and earning no points. These are all things Val learned about this week, from friend of the show Joe "Bulldozer"! We watched season 2, episode 22 of Elementary, Paint It Black. Joan has been kidnapped! Will the rich little Holmes boys save her? Will she save her captor's cousin? What's Val's cousin up to these days? Also, is torture bad? These are all questions we dive into answering this week as we take a trip to everyone's least favorite Ren Faire, Demonic Times. Joe (he/him) @thetallestjew Intro song by Noah…

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Episode 45 – Minecraft is Here

Tuesday Again? Miss Hudson! This episode, Val is joined by friend of the show Argyle, of Kamurocho Radio, Pod of Greed, and Wow! Cool Robot Section 4. They watched Season 2 Episode 21 of Elementary, The Man With The Twisted Lip. Sherlock's brother has landed in NYC, with a straight agenda and some suspicious characters near him. It's getting very European in here... We discuss suspicious frenchmen, uovo a sorpresa de bambini, high-tech drones and low-tech CGI, and Pringles Man Heroin, all while remembering to be very respectful of law enforcement. Argyle (he/him) @argyle_funk Intro song by Noah Geist Outro…

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Episode 44 – Extendo-Pointer Watch

  Returning guest Jo and Val say f**k Jeff and his birds, after watching Season 2 and Episode 20 of Elementary, No Lack of Void. We examine the downsides of eating a bag you found, admire some incredible character names like Apollo Mercer, learn a about Canadian indigenous politics, and ruminate over the nature of ghosts. Val is definitely NOT selling illegal dirt, so don't contact them for the large variety of competitive prices available. Anyway, did you know Sherlock is British? If you didn't, you will definitely know after this episode. Guest host Jo (he/they) Intro song by Noah…

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Episode 43 – Ska Surgery and These Dang Teeth

Val is aided in Lucy Liuking respectfully at Lucy Liu this week by friend of the show Summer Geist, the artist behind LMNOP's cover art! In an episode that may or may not have been recorded on Halloween (it wasn't), Val explains what the heck Summer just watched, which was of course Season 2 episode 19 of Elementary, The Many Mouths of Aaron Colville. Listen along if you want to learn who Everybody is and what they want from Sherlock, if you're also a fan of Rube Goberb bachibes, or if you're just just looking to crank some ska and…

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Episode 42 – Adam Dentist, Who Is Not The Dentist

Val welcomes a new friend of the show Eris on the podcast this week! We watched Season 2, Episode 18 of Elementary, The Hound of the Cancer Cells. It's basically nothing like the original story, but the title sounds good. Eris is also a veteran watcher of Elementary, so she is able to discuss in-depth such topics as: how Sherlock and the gang would feel about NFTs, how they would tweet, and even Shercus (aka Belllock) and how good it is. We also discuss related shows such as Psych, Leverage, and House, while agreeing that Elementary is still the best…

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