S1E9 – A Robbery Gone Two-Eye Bad

In a rare turn of events, this episode of LMNOP got a little silly. Just kidding, they're always silly! We do a little singing, a little fake crying, a lot of goofing, and a small amount of talking about peep and poop. If you would like to learn about shiny gambling parlours, and talk to English with us of detectives, listen in. This week we watched Season 1 Episode 9, You Do It To Yourself.


S1E8 – The Bomb Dot Gov

Talk about a blast from the past! This week Alec and Val and the cast of Elementary take a trip down memory lane as we watch Season 1 Episode 8, The Long Fuse. We check our savings at the Saucy Lizard Bank, and Alec clues us in on some Disney knowledge. This episode of LMNOP features an extensive musical break (a capella) after Val tells Alec that that one Spin Doctors song is by the Spin Doctors. Join our discord!


S1E7 – Vitamin P

(The P stands for pee.) This week, Alec and Val visit Little Soccer Chechnia, by way of a heated discussion of Cinderella's motives, with a stopoff at a murder most fart. We watched season 1 episode 7, One Way to Get Off. The title kind of refers to what you think it does, and kind of not. This episode has a serial killer, and we all know serial killers are pervs. We are also graced with a cameo by producer of the show Balto, who has a lot of talents. Join our new discord! Intro song by Noah Geist


S1E6 – Dad Doesn’t Real

This week we make LMNOP history as we welcome our first-ever guest, the lovely and hilarious alex leafcrunch! We all watched a "pilot" episode, season 1 episode 6 Flight Risk. Do you get it? It's about a plane. But our episode is about much more- like pirate jesus, sh!tting and f@rting, american/canadian cereal differences, and dad conspiracy theories. Y'know, normal stuff.

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S1E5 – Perfume Her Dingle

After watching season 1 episode 5, Lesser Evils, Alec and Val do our darnedest to figure out what PhD stands for. We also get dating advice from Dave, a very insignificant character, whose name is the only one we remember. This episode features such guest stars as that guy from Stranger Things, and that guy from Breaking Bad! It's set in a hospital for the most part, so Joan shows off her doctor knowledge, and we show off our complete lack thereof.

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S1E4 – One-Kick Man and Edward Scissormouth

Val and Alec discuss S1E4, Rat Race. What if it was about a rat rave instead? That would be cool, but it's not, it's about sociopathic investment bankers. Joan goes on a date and flexes her investigator muscles, Sherlock does some accents, we have fun, and we learn something about friendship along the way.

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S1E3 – Cap on the Top

CUTE ALERT! This episode features an appearance by producer of the show Balto the dog, and his little dog dreams. This week we have watched S1E3, Child Predator- as a positive spoiler, the kid ends up being OK. We explore wine bottle anatomy, growing friendships, and bad puns. This episode of Elementary is a bit of a milestone for Val, who has been thinking about (and yelling about) one particular moment in it for years.

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S1E2 – Chair Smells

This episode is what it says on the tin, Sherlock just smells a chair. Just kidding, there's lots of other stuff to talk about! Like comas, and private parts. He does smell a chair tho, that's real. We make a few sniffing noises around minute mark 5:30, so if you don't like that kind of thing... our bad.

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S1E1 – Pilot: Married-Time Law

Introducing LMNOP! We are your hosts, Val flightcub and Alec. This episode, we discuss the pilot of CBS's Elementary, starring Lucy Liu and Johnny Lee Miller. We also offer some tips on which food goes in the fridge, and what can be stored on a shelf, as well as other smart wisdoms.

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