Episode 43 – Ska Surgery and These Dang Teeth

Episode 43 – Ska Surgery and These Dang Teeth
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Hosts: Summer, Val
Premiered: March 1, 2022

Val is aided in Lucy Liuking respectfully at Lucy Liu this week by friend of the show Summer Geist, the artist behind LMNOP’s cover art! In an episode that may or may not have been recorded on Halloween (it wasn’t), Val explains what the heck Summer just watched, which was of course Season 2 episode 19 of Elementary, The Many Mouths of Aaron Colville. Listen along if you want to learn who Everybody is and what they want from Sherlock, if you’re also a fan of Rube Goberb bachibes, or if you’re just just looking to crank some ska and skank in the corner with an OR nurse. And make sure you stick it out all the way to the end, for the fun Q&A segment where Summer discusses a huge bug and Val wishes they could go back to a time when they didn’t know those existed.

Summer (she/they) [@stellarghost] (twitter.com/stellarghost)

Intro song by Noah Geist

Outro song is Watching the Detectives by Elvis Costello

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