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Fwd: Fwd: Re:Zero

Sara and Niamh take their friend Morg on a Groundhog Day-style adventure through the world of Re:Zero.

Prime Cuts

Transform, roll out, and plug in! Audrey (she/her, they/them) and Nero (they/them) are taking you on a ride through the history of Transformers television.

Digimon Ghost Gays

A Digimon Ghost Game anime watchalong podcast, with Emory, Elvier, & Morg.

Twink’s Awakening

A podcast about Nintendo's long-running sissification hypnosis series, The Legend of Zelda. Hosted by Zelda expert Stephanie and fake gamer boy Jay.

Video Games: The Movie: The Podcast

Every month, Dan and Maxie discuss a movie adaptation of a video game series and rate it based on both its quality as an adaptation and its quality as a stand-alone film.

County Girls Make Do

From the hosts that brought you City Girls Make Do, Alex and Steph have left Manhattan and are settling into bougie Orange County to see a different group of girls make do.

The Sonic Shuffle

Dan, Morg, and Devon seek to explore the world of Sonic lore. However the thing about Sonic lore is that pretty much every spinoff media is its own continuity. So in order understand Sonic holistically, they'll be randomly selecting which continuity to discuss each week.

The Last D&D Podcast

No gimmicks, all game. Dungeon Master Stephen weaves a tale of fantasy and adventure for an arguably too-large party of seven doofuses.

Kyle X Why?

You may never have watched Kyle XY, but if you were alive in 2006 you probably remember the massive advertising campaign for this mysterious boy with no belly button. What was his deal? Where did he come from? Was this show actually any good? Sam and Jordan hope to find out!