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Immortal Incantations: Heartspell

A deep look into the heart of Amazon self-published YA fiction, focusing on ghostwriting powerhouse Bella Forrest, that becomes an experiment into whether or not 3 people can co-write a book together.

Kvothekiller Chronicles

Short run podcast series where 5 people with varying levels of love for this book discuss its highs and lows. We are not kind to Mr Rothfuss.

The Sonic Shuffle

Dan, Morg, and Devon seek to explore the world of Sonic lore. However the thing about Sonic lore is that pretty much every spinoff media is its own continuity. So in order understand Sonic holistically, they'll be randomly selecting which continuity to discuss each week.

The Last D&D Podcast

No gimmicks, all game. Dungeon Master Stephen weaves a tale of fantasy and adventure for an arguably too-large party of seven doofuses.

Kyle X Why?

You may never have watched Kyle XY, but if you were alive in 2006 you probably remember the massive advertising campaign for this mysterious boy with no belly button. What was his deal? Where did he come from? Was this show actually any good? Sam and Jordan hope to find out!

Kamurocho Radio

Welcome to Kamurocho Radio! Join hosts Argyle and Jordan as they punch, kick, and smash their way through a replay of the Yakuza series of games.

Slappers Only

Two Hosts. One Game. Six Slappers, but only one can come out on top. Each episode, Max and Jordan put their top tracks from a selected video game soundtrack head to head to determine which Slapper slaps the hardest.

For A Good Time…

In For A Good Time..., hosts Juan Barquin and Isabelle Arf talk sex and the silver screen, bringing their cinephile eyes to work that rarely gets a second glance.

Special Grade Snax

Kay and Sara are two snacks (babes) on the hunt for snax, but only the special grade ones found within Jujutsu Kaisen can sate their hunger.


Nonna Roy and a special guest explore the world of internet horror fiction. We read-a the creepypasta! We don’t pay-a the taxes!