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Doctor Huh

As part of their eternal quest to experience media in only the smartest ways possible, Sam and Jordan watch a randomly-selected episode of Doctor Who every week.

Sounds About Light

We've all got a lot of questions about Kingdom Hearts. Sam, a lifelong fan, and Drew, a guy who kind of knows what's going on but not entirely, will find the answers to all these questions, or your munny back!

Draining the Swamp

Zach and Maxie perform an autopsy on the long-running sitcom MAS*H, which dared to say "maybe sending people off to die and kill in a war halfway across the globe purely to suppress communism is bad actually."

Fwd: Fwd: Re:Zero

Sara and Niamh take their friend Morg on a Groundhog Day-style adventure through the world of Re:Zero.

Prime Cuts

Transform, roll out, and plug in! Audrey (she/her, they/them) and Nero (they/them) are taking you on a ride through the history of Transformers television.

Digimon Ghost Gays

A Digimon Ghost Game anime watchalong podcast, with Emory, Elvier, & Morg.