084 – rick the dick

what do you think about culture and class in korea? well Season 2 Episode 5 “…And Found” has some thoughts and is eager to share them with you, cause it’s all about Sun and Jin baby!!!! in this episode’s past, Sun tries to find love and Jin tries to find a job. and in the present, Jin fights a friend and Sun wonders where Jin is. we consider some health care policy and master the art of the segue this week, and demand cusses from the queen. we have fun, in other words! thanks for listening

083 – the northern passage


it’s Pilot Part 2 this week!! remember the start of the show? the gang is still raw from a Plane Crash and Sawyer is very racist. Boone and Shannon are here too, remember them? a mountain is tall, a crew assembles, a hike occurs… and tensions flare!! meanwhile we roast landlords everywhere, remember lyrics, consider “Bad Weed”, and figure out a theory about where exactly the island might just be in. it’s our favourite island ever, baby!

082 – grookey fans only


after our much anticipated Gamer’s Corner, we consider another episode of Lost, and it’s Season 3, Episode 23, Through the Looking Glass (Part 2). hurley drives a car, jack punches a foe, tom fires a gun, and alex ties up a dad. and in the past… the future arrives! meanwhile we wonder how to drive and think about better names for oceans. have a good thursday everybody, you’ve earned it

081 – grant modanno


howdy! on this week’s episode we watch Season 3, Episode 10, Tricia Tanaka is Dead. Hurley has a wild idea about what a broken car can mean. in his past, his Dad is Bad and his Mom loves Jesus!! we also talk about the Mighty Ducks franchise of films for a little bit, and the show Lost teaches us a couple of “Comedy Lessons”. it’s a fun one!

080 – big brain


happy 2/3rds of lost-iversary! we’ve only got 41 hours of the show to go, folks. and this week it’s Something Nice Back Home, of Season 4 Episode 10 fame. in the present, Jack gets sick and has some challenging thoughts on his own treatment. in the future, Jack is in a happy and healthy relationship, and it sure would be a shame if a single spooky occurence instilled doubt! it’s not a great episode but Juliet is pretty cool in it. don’t forget, therapy has been rendered useless!

079 – joey boat


hope you like words cause we’ve got ’em, here in Season 3 Episode 11, Enter 77. in the past, Sayid is forced to confront his horrible deeds and gives us one of the best scenes we’ve scene out of the show??? and in the present, Locke plays Chess and an eyepatched man lives on a farm. it’s pretty fun! almost as fun as a much better show that we come up with. we’re good at our jobs

078 – laughing about waluigi


we recommend searching for an image of waluigi before entering this episode, though it isn’t necessary. what IS necessary is Season 1 Episode 11, titled All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues. Jack hates his daddy! and he hates when his friends get stolen into the Jungle! but he LOVES to punch a dead man. forgive us for getting political, but we can’t help ourselves. we’ve also got some ideas for the oscars! exciting stuff

077 – jacob should have stayed dead


the lads talk about What They Died For, Season 6 Episode 16. it’s the very penultimate episode of the whole dang show! right before the finale!! so you know it’s going to be some real great television. Jacob explains it all in a very satisfying way, while Ben and Widmore, the two big antagonists, finally really butt heads once and for all! also, what if our favourite plane made it safe and sound? it means Jack has a child and there’s a big big concert! join us as we look directly into the camera of our own souls.

076 – the dupree conundrum


CW: the episode we watched this week depicts a suicide attempt, and we talk about this scene from about 39:00 to 42:30.

we’re not having any fun this week, since we’re watching Season 5, Episode 7, known as The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham. we learn all about Locke’s time trying, and mostly failing, to recruit the crew and get ’em back all to go back to the Island. folks, we actually like the show this week! but we also like to talk linguistics and shakespeare, because this is a podcast for smart people

075 – now that’s a stylish fall


this week we think outside the island for Season 1, Episode 9, titled Solitary. we learn about Sayid’s time working as a torturer and falling in love. meanwhile in the present, Sayid makes a friend and Hurley starts a club. meanwhile we catch up on Maritimes Sports Gossip, think about JJ’s twisted mindscape, and reinvent everyone’s favourite awards show ONCE and for ALL.